i got to catch up with one of my high school teachers today and it was a very healing experience. 😌

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not waiting around for health insurance companies anymore i'm just gonna dig a hole in the backyard and dive right into hell

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there’s construction going on riiiight in front of my house and i can’t. leave. my drive way.

so i’m back in bed, and both the cats are here too.

started my second playthrough of fire emblem three houses and am now blue lions.

these kids are v good, but i do get sentimental when i see any golden deer babies walk by 😭😭😭😭

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i don’t feel that great but i look unusually good.

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Mastodon fact: abandoned accounts are turned in to Spirit Halloween stores.

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Twitter: The worst people in the world try very hard to post the best content.

Mastodon: The best people in the world try very hard to post the worst content.

i'm mad that i feel like i might have enjoyed learning about linked data and metadata

these two feelings aren't great sloshing around in my brain together

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as spotted in an imgur comment:

it's not going to be the roaring 20s, it's going to be the RAWR-ing 20s in a minute here. everybody get your fursuit

i'd like to formally apologize to Luigi for not appreciating him enough through all these years!!

Luigi's Mansion 3 has been an absolute delight.

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i feel like I'd be able to get through the 15 minutes of silence in whatever spooky place i was in.

the real trouble would be that i can't follow spoken directions for shit and I'd get so lost just trying to find where i'm supposed to go

"Left or right?? What doors am I looking for?? I don't see any pillars?? Say that again??"

the final task would be for the rest of my team to find me. 😓

my friend sent me a youtube playlist of a bunch of episodes of MTV's FEAR and i'm so happy

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u know how the 1920s were “The Roaring ‘20s?”

i wonder what the 2020s will be called

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