not a bad day today. not exactly great, but not bad either!! just average? maybe even ...good??

now that i have the language for a lot of the stuff that’s been going on with me mental health-wise, things are simultaneously more difficult to endure but easier to work with... if that makes any sense??

loooove losing the day to emotional flashbacks, feels soooo great to be locked in a nightmare


therapy + mh (+) 

been reading pete walker’s book about CPTSD and then reviewing stuff i’ve learned with my therapist during our weekly sessions.

it’s been a good strategy for helping me support myself emotionally/mentally (re-parenting and stuff) and that in turn makes me feel more confident about refusing to shame or judge myself (or accept shame and judgment from others).

it’s still v difficult and painful but i feel like i have double support now from book and therapist.

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would you be annoyed if someone replied to your toot with a caption for your image without tagging you in the reply (this is a thing you can do on mastodon - you create a reply but delete the @ of the person you're replying to)

it's something i consider doing every once in a while when i want to boost something uncaptioned, but i usually just opt to not boost the thing

replies to this are welcome, boosts appreciated

god also if the green with envy episode was ... different. that would also be good thanks.

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i had a lot of fun playing Dark Nights with Poe and Munro but i would have enjoyed it even MORE if they fully embraced and ran with the characters’ big bisexual energy instead of like... being 😉 so 😉coquettish 😉 and “just kidding ...or am i?” 😉 about it.

big announcement (+??) 

HELLO remember how i used to complain about wanting to drop out of grad school?

Well, I did it! And I'm officially enrolled in an associate's program instead 😅

gonna get my medical billing degree, and then in the future when i'm in a more Stable situation ($$ and brain-wise) i'll think about going back to finish my MLIS.

i still have a lot of love for archives and records, but there's a lot about the professional and academic aspects that i can't deal w right now.

magnus archives venting from an archives student 

if the premise had been that jon was listening to the already-recorded statements and then adding his own assessment... it would still be a little questionable but it would make MUCH MORE SENSE.

i did double-check to make sure i wasn't misunderstanding, and the rusty quill site literally says jonathan is converting the statements to audio.

....but at what cost jonathan?????????

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magnus archives venting from an archives student 

been listening to the Magnus Archives podcast and it's really good but from an archives perspective the premise is NO??

researchers using the audio would have to contend with the added layer of the archivist's subjective interpretation of the text statements. like, unless it's for accessibility purposes (maybe??) there would be NO reason to convert records to audio. it effects the authenticity of the record.

jon never learned respect des fonds

i found a copy of my senior year schedule inside an old book.

maybe this is the key to stopping my stress dreams which are always about how i dont have my schedule and have no idea which class i should be in or where it’s located.

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i'm saying this bc i've hit that point again where everything in my room is overwhelming and anxious-making and i must CLEAN(SE).

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i wish i lived in the type of place where all of my unwanted books could be left in a box on the side of the street for ppl to take as they please.

waiting for the sun to go down so i can leave my house without getting ambushed by the neighbor that can’t mind his own business

why r chicory flowers so hard to preserve 😩

selfie - hair update 

(chicken sticker on my phone by @Prawnlegs )

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selfie - hair update 

current hair status is: Desert Voe Armor Link.

guess i need a new profile pic

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