Gender, internalized isms, sex, mh 

There is a specific and constant struggle, as a lesbian, against my worry that my sexual desire is predatory, fraudulent or some kind of self-voyeurism in a way I've found in myself to come from internalized misogyny, cissexism and the general trauma of comphet


Gender, internalized isms, sex, mh 

Add in the hypersexualization of having a brown body and growing up in Catholic school. At this point, discovering my transness has meant an absolute reckoning of how I've engaged with my body. And it's a weird tumbling of grief and terrifying real connection to it for the first time in my life

Gender, internalized isms, sex, mh 

Being in two partnerships right now, both with trans women, as I'm experiencing these shifts as a non-binary/masc lesbian has brought me to shared imagined places and very real physical groundedness in ways I'm often too overwhelmed by mixing emotions to articulate. I've never been this happy and scared, I can say that

Gender, internalized isms, sex, mh, LEWD 

It can be, like, my girlfriend's excitement to wear a skirt and thigh highs as I eat her out. My complete arousal to fuck her into the bed. The feel of my new muscles and my husky Top voice that can make her nearly cry. I feel that trickling relief of centeredness starting to hit and I'm trying to float in that feeling, to not look down. But there's always one hand that has to swat at an absolute mountain of fear. Some days I sit on top of it and get high

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