"White cis women who believe that men are abusive bc of biology will never take responsibility for the abuse they've inflicted on people of color"

"It aggravates me to see them try to lump us all together as having this universal womanhood as if they have the right to codify what makes a woman a woman"

White feminism is an issue of *race* and *gender* and so help me, it's important to understand how white queers can and are culpable


My god, I've brought up an issue which intersected with race and gender at least twice this month with different white trans folk and their only response was how it affected gender. Your friends of color want you to engage with your whiteness when they bring it up! It's not a side note, it's literally intertwined with gender and trans issues. Black and brown people do so much hussle for y'all, always hoping you'll get the hint

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