Please give and boost! Mutual aid to our farm workers!

"We can give thanks to our essential workers by providing farm working families with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, blankets for the cold months, AND a grocery gift card ranging around $100 per family. The number of families we can help is based on the community's total donation count and efforts, our goal is 3,000 families in California."

@hamsterpower I went to donate today and tried to do minimal due diligence on the organization accepting the money to make sure it was going to get to the workers and I couldn't find anything about the org but I did find this article:

It feels like I should be concerned? And should give money to a more established org doing the same work with more transparency?

@deafferret hmm, I heard some of this controversy but didn't see it connected like this. I have seen evidence of their donation drives and distribution, but I this is concerning, unfortunately. Will have to look into the other local orgs they mentioned to see how else to send help in their direction.

@hamsterpower thank you for looking into it! I'm in Nebraska so you having actually physically seen at least some of the good work they definitely did is encouraging. :)

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