I just wanna listen to the entirety of the Show Your Bones album and drive tbh

*rings large bell* a girl asked me out on a second date!

hot take 

I often get customers rolling into the gender repair shop after getting into a gender bender. Usually it seems a lot worse than it really is, and it's a quick fix to replace the gender with a new one.

Mh I guess 

I gotta resist the urge to avoid them. I don't want this supportive friendship to turn insubstantial over my anxiety. But honestly, my moods shift during and after I'm around them and it huuurts. Like, laying down listening to SZA huuuuurts


So I'm just gonna have to live with having Feelings forever then huh

do you actually "support trans people" if you only do so in theory? are you giving material support to actual trans people? or is it brownie points

Texted my crush friend that work sucked and if I could come over. They said yes. Took me to trader joe's and made me stay with them, saying "we shop together!" while grabbing my hand. Got me bourbon and cookies and we drunkenly watched Kill La Kill, they painted my fingernails, listened to my day and spun out rather cutely about their current specific interest. We even had separate introvert time for art stuff. It's only now that I see what a fucking romantic friendship this is :angercrywall:

I miss my girlfriend. Today has been so long without her

it's transphobic that sex characteristics and reproductive systems are smth we're born with and not opt-in tbh

further update!: danced a bit, stretched a lot, feeling loose enough for some drawing

update: soup is in the slow cooker, got high, now to dance *struggles up from bed*

OK, if I can put the taco soup together I can get high and dance *struggles off couch*

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