Unfollowed some lesbians on Instagram because they bought an investment property and trying to hype up being future landlords :angercrywall:

Y'all, I gotta move my gf and I outta this den we've been crashing in. This trans lesbian couple and the two of us are gonna find some good-enough-ass 2 bdrm apartment and I'll have some goddamn stability in a safe, trans-majority queer space. I'm speaking this into existence- so help me it's gonna happen within the next few weeks


Like, I haven't made a new close irl friend since I came out, divorced, gone through so much inner work. I like the light and wisdom I have now. I want to share that so much

I think I'm still adjusting to the fact that I got a real new bestie situation. I love my friends, but they're either busy with grad school or time zones away. But to actually hang out with a good friend, to cuddle and laugh and feel comfortable being myself, gosh I almost feel sad for how much I missed this feeling. And excited by how pretty they are and sweet they've been. Ahhh I can't handle it

Cher in Clueless elaborately trying to date that guy when she didn't know he was gay resonated so much with me back then and I see now how similar that feeling was back in my comp het days

Went on a solo hike yesterday to get away from the friggin stress of crashing with people and being brown and queer in this world right now

So the people we're crashing with are having mental health issues and aren't sure we can stay for much longer. My girlfriend and I would really like to have enough for a deposit and soon!

Please donate if you can to a brown dyke and her trans girlfriend!

Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

Hollow Knight is just bug skyrim you can't change my mind

the orange, ice 

When I make playlists, I have a strict limit of 2 Mitski songs. It's the exact amount of feeling the whole world I can stand at a time

Honestly, at this point in my career as a lesbian, I'm just going to love women and the friendships they offer me. I've struggled with developing emotionally intimate friendships because platonic physical affection has always really really scared me. I've been too confused, closeted and insecure in the past to allow deep friendships like this to flourish outside the boundaries of partnership. But loving women has been the greatest gift I've given to myself and I deserve to feel this connection

They're so pretty I literally can't stand how gay I am

I'm going over to my very cute friend's house today while they put on makeup and get all femme for meeting up with some trans women I want to introduce her to and my whole heart right now is just like :blobuwu: girrrrrrlsss

How do we even deserve to be in the same time as Beyoncé let alone the same timeline

:blobbowing: all the trans girls in my life are so cute I don't know what to do

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⚠️ asking for help :yell: 

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AAGHRHGH im so fucking DONE with straight relationships ALWAYS being in EVERY show/movie get your fucking straight sex OUT of my face im just trying to watch a fucking show

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