Ahh every trans femme in my life is such a goddamn gift of beauty, stunning wry, softness and strength and it make me go πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Parasite is such a perfect movie. Rewatching it and savoring the pacing, the precise dialogue as my gf watches it for the first time

feist simultaneously gives me high school memories and is a trove of new music

anxiety, weed, gender stuff 

topless selfie no ec 

shout out to enbies b/c they just dope as shit

who needs a 'reason' to shout out enbies? <3

"lesson of the evening" (short fic, D/s) 

I bitch about jk, death, spoilers I fuckin guess 

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I bitch about jk, death, spoilers I fuckin guess 

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I bitch about jk 

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I bitch about jk 

Now's the time to be getting nosy about your school district. It's tempting to stay out of it when you don't have children. But those brown and Black kids are at risk every day cops stay in their schools. Prison abolition includes schools y'all

Hey y'all. I was at work earlier so I made a quick post, but I'd like to take time to write a proper one.

An unhoused trans Black woman I have known for years here in Alabama is in desparate need of help. She is housed for tonight, but where she's staying costs $50 per night. Her CashApp is $inge73 and if you could help out, it would be so appreciated!


#TransCrowdFund #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #OtherHastags #MastoDev

Is it common for trans/enby people to no longer feel attracted to cis people as often? I'll still see a cis girl and think "wow, yup, gay" but not be as invested in the idea of friending/dating them as I would a trans femme/enby?

Carly Rae Jepsen's Dedicated Side B is the only thing I'm not repressing about 2020

some song came up on some random playlist i was listening to and the artist was "bootleg boi" and that's basically my gender

hello my name is Jessica and i need a job.

i have a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, but at this point i would take nearly any programming work.

i have experience numerous languages, operating systems, frameworks, and toolkits.

i am also an autistic transgender lesbian so any work i take has to be accommodating.

i'm currently living in east coast USA but willing to relocate nearly anywhere.

résumé available on request, thank you ✨

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