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Help a trans support a trans!

"I'm a queer and trans/latinx visual artist and community worker in Philly... I won't be able to make ends meet while I'm acting as designated caretaker for my girlfriend after her life-changing, gender-affirming surgery."

"I need your support--anything helps! We need to reach $700 so I can still pay my bills and be there for my girlfriend"

Venmo: @ littlesanchezstudio

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Fundraiser taken from lanyardlesbian on ig: "LJ is a Black HIV+ community member who currently is bedridden due to MSRA. He requires immediate funds for antibiotics and ARVs. Another prescription costs $22!"
Cashapp: $LNWYANB
Venmo: @ LNWYANB "

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From ig post by lanyardlesbian
"Support a Black Non-binary Parent Right Now!"
Their Cashapp was hacked and they lost a lot of money!! Kendra is a Black queer non-binary parent with a four year old blessing! Kendra urgently requires fund to secure a room on an ongoing basis!! They also require funds for other necessities! Goal: $500 Non-Black and Non-Indigenous folks send funds immediately"
Venmo: @ kendra-springs
Cashapp: $karmakazee1
Send a minimum of $25-40!

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From ig post by lanyardlesbian
"Funds required now! A Black mother of 3 requires $480 ASAP for rent fees! If 20 people pledge $24 this goal will be met!..."
Cashapp: $BeckerBrittany87
Venmo: @ Brittany-Becker-87

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A Black femme's car was broken into. They lost electronics, gender affirming clothing and other necessities. It's hard as fuck surviving as a Black femme, so any amount helps!

Please to help during this recovery!!

Cashapp: cherryprecum
Venmo: pelumi-asu

I explore some big agender feels over on my goth trans meme account. So go follow a brown enby weirdo today!

Me, flirting like 

So, uh 😏 is there a Mx. Pretty Baby Girl?

Did you know your neighborhood Latinx daemon has a memes ig??

Follow for all your goth t4t needs!

I catch myself pitching my voice up at work, despite T lowering it 🙄

I'm nervous people won't be able to hear me or that I'll sound disinterested bwuhf

Hewwo, I'm a homeless trans man who has recently been evicted by my abelist asshole landlord and I'll have to stay in a hotel room for a few weeks before and after my top surgery, while I heal from surgery and look for housing. If you're able to help out, I would really appreciate it.$NicoBowie

It was supposed to be an egg shaped and instead we got “low poly pear”, resulting in a glorious front butt. Here he is with his limbs and head experimentally pinned on

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milves... In.... Spaaace

So I burn CDs from mp3s I rip from youtube. I use itunes to make/edit playlists

BUuuT now apple doesn't wanna accept files taken from yt 😭😭

Any good sources to remove the meta data? Or a *non-jank* media player alternative (must be able to trim/level audio files)?

Me, having a weird one (mh) 

I'm already having a real Weird One today. Like, do not perceive me, I am a void, a shade, a creature bending through into the twilight sphere, ya dig?

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Uh oh, there's free coffee at work now. Which is a real shame if 1. you got real low caffeine tolerance 2. you also have poor self discipline. Rip to me, friends 💀🙏🏼

Dating rambling 

Yeah, I'm gonna text her, not for her sake but for mine. I get pretty anxious when plans are up in the air and tbh, I'm feeling turned off anyway and would rather just have a night with my gf. I think what I wrote is direct yet polite. Anyway, I wrote out:

Hey there, so I'm not sure if you're still interested in going out tonight. I think I'll be making other plans. If you want to reschedule, just lemme know. Have a good evening!

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Dating rambling 

Like, I truly don't mind plans getting cancelled or postponed. But not letting people know they can change their evening plans is a much bigger drag

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Dating rambling 

Texted the girl I was making date plans with for tonight. Asked what time she wanted to meet. Still no response. Think I've been ghosted :/

I know it can feel awkward to cancel but maybe learning to deal with some of the innate discomforts of dating is a good thing, actually

Hey there. My trans femme gf is still unemployed and I'm using my savings to cover rent :0

Help a Latinx enby buy groceries!
Venmo: @ hamsterpower91
Cashapp: $hamsterpower

thinking about that guy who led a DnD game for 16 levels in which an increasing amount of apocalyptic events were happening all focusing around plunging the world into eternal night or tilting it off it's axis or destroying the sun and such just to reveal the big bad of the story was a lady who was angry at the sun because it shone too bright in her study in the morning and they saved the day by buying her a curtain

Random gay story idea 

Oh hey I drew that comic... at work

On like, 19 post-its

My hope is to upload it all to my art instagram account soon, so stay tuned!

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you ever remember that straight people just look like that

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