Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach gave me gay //'oowoo'\\

Being with another trans person feels like time traveling from the future and the past. And I suspect this is how other marginalized partners must feel together. Living in a time that does not recognize the power and kindness they inspire in each other

med, surgery, finances, mostly positive tho 

OK, just talked to Kaiser. The cost of top surgery is more feasible than I expected. About $2800 with my insurance. Of course, I gotta figure out rent n food for the 3 weeks of unpaid time off. But! Having an amount figured out is really helpful!! As well, as like, having the best insurance I've had in my life. Ima milk it for all its worth bwuhhh

I took a nap yesterday and dreamt that this beautiful woman appeared next to me, only to realize I was dreaming about my gf nuzzling me. And if that ain't gay, folks...

I'm rather nervous about funding it and paying rent for the at least three weeks off I'll need. But I guess I'll figure it out once my surgery date is booked :0 :0

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every day is a great day for #DeathToAmerica and this day no less than any other

If you're interested in supporting two queer wives in making a Hamster game, we're over here at our new patreon: patreon.com/GardenPlotGames #Art #GameDev

Why do we still have the Wilhelm scream? Society has progressed past the need for the Wilhelm scream

I recently met a queer who identifies similar to me, also makes art, is in therapy and seems genuinely interested in being friends. And they're cute. But it won't be *weeks* before I'll wanna hang out again. Cuz I don't need my heart racing ahead of me right now. I just wanna take everything slow

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mh, drugs 

There was a time where I was very interested in meeting new people. Meeting new queers. But I for real just wanna keep going to therapy, working out and smoking after work. Idk, I feel like I've been set to a low speed and I have no interest to ramp up again

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Meeting new folks has left me feeling hostile and unpleasant. Figuring out my transness during the quarantine just feels like one more layer of performativity around people. And it's undeniably tiring

From ig post by lanyardlesbian
"Funds required now! A Black mother of 3 requires $480 ASAP for rent fees! If 20 people pledge $24 this goal will be met!..."
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From ig post by lanyardlesbian
"Support a Black Non-binary Parent Right Now!"
Their Cashapp was hacked and they lost a lot of money!! Kendra is a Black queer non-binary parent with a four year old blessing! Kendra urgently requires fund to secure a room on an ongoing basis!! They also require funds for other necessities! Goal: $500 Non-Black and Non-Indigenous folks send funds immediately"
Venmo: @ kendra-springs
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