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Help a trans support a trans!

"I'm a queer and trans/latinx visual artist and community worker in Philly... I won't be able to make ends meet while I'm acting as designated caretaker for my girlfriend after her life-changing, gender-affirming surgery."

"I need your support--anything helps! We need to reach $700 so I can still pay my bills and be there for my girlfriend"

Venmo: @ littlesanchezstudio

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Fundraiser taken from lanyardlesbian on ig: "LJ is a Black HIV+ community member who currently is bedridden due to MSRA. He requires immediate funds for antibiotics and ARVs. Another prescription costs $22!"
Cashapp: $LNWYANB
Venmo: @ LNWYANB "

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From ig post by lanyardlesbian
"Support a Black Non-binary Parent Right Now!"
Their Cashapp was hacked and they lost a lot of money!! Kendra is a Black queer non-binary parent with a four year old blessing! Kendra urgently requires fund to secure a room on an ongoing basis!! They also require funds for other necessities! Goal: $500 Non-Black and Non-Indigenous folks send funds immediately"
Venmo: @ kendra-springs
Cashapp: $karmakazee1
Send a minimum of $25-40!

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From ig post by lanyardlesbian
"Funds required now! A Black mother of 3 requires $480 ASAP for rent fees! If 20 people pledge $24 this goal will be met!..."
Cashapp: $BeckerBrittany87
Venmo: @ Brittany-Becker-87

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A Black femme's car was broken into. They lost electronics, gender affirming clothing and other necessities. It's hard as fuck surviving as a Black femme, so any amount helps!

Please to help during this recovery!!

Cashapp: cherryprecum
Venmo: pelumi-asu

Please help! I was laid off and the end of the month is approaching 😢

I'm a gay enby doing their best and any amount would be fantastically appreciated for groceries and rent ❤️
Venmo: @ SailorRetrograde
Cash App: $SailorRetrograde

If you're interested in 90s/00s lost media, enjoy stylish investigative video essays and wanna support a Black creator, Ray Mona on YouTube is producing some of the best long-form content I've seen in a while

Watch "The Western World Of Sailor Moon | Tales of the Lost" on YouTube

In the age of apartments providing laundry cards, is there any way to pirate free laundry? 🤔🏴‍☠️

Trying to make a bunny for my girlfriend! I stitched and filled it with some spare memory foam yesterday. Hoping to give it a little face and clothes next :3

Saw SuperKnova at my city's pride festival. She fuckin killed, it was fantastic! 💕

SuperKnova is a queer trans femme Asian indie musician and her music is groovy n so gay. Yall should check her out, on spotify and other places

Please help me as I look for work and survive. Any amount goes a long way for groceries, gas, bills and gender-confirming interview clothes.

I'm almost a fifth toward my goal! Please donate and share :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Here they are! I'm not a flower person so don't know these names! All I know is my girlfriend is pretty and I see her everywhere I go

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At least I went to a nursery this week and took photos of flowers that reminded me of my gf 🌸💕

Aaand I got a flat tire! :blobcatrainbow:

I'm sorry but this week has been exhausting. Please donate and share if possible

Cash App: $SailorRetrograde
Venmo: @ SailorRetrograde

Your friendly Latinx enby got fired! 😕✌️

I'm fundraising to survive while I find work. This $$ will go to rent, food, gas, bills, and medicine. Every donation of any size is tremendously helpful rn :blobcatheart:

mental health 

Do people who actually wanna hang out use Lex? Should I subject myself to another app? Local demon in a summer depressive lull seeks answers!

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I was gonna write a post complaining about Lex but I'm not sure where to start. Maybe with how I keep reinstalling it

I'm sorry to be e-begging but I'm very anxious right now about getting through this week, please help how you can, thank you

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I'm sorry, yall, but I need grocery and gas money 😞

I'm Latinx and supporting my trans femme gf, please help 🌈💕

Venmo: @ SailorRetrograde
Cash App: $SailorRetrograde

abortion, Sailor moon villain meme 

I posted this to my meme insta but I'm wondering if it'll get removed sooo enjoy the uncensored version, repost freely!

First time back at work today since bring sick and wowwww I have no patience for capitalism today. What's the point? I want to 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Urgent request by a Latinx non-binary trans dyke! They're homeless and need shelter from the heat while they look for work


Venmo: @ garbageconnoisseur
Cashapp: $garbageconnoisseur

Lawl having a sore throat while on T is painfully funny. I'm all squeak and bass, no mid. Just a weird honk machine

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