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Imagine you could deliver a short message, about the BBC's coverage of trans people, to BBC staff members who would be willing to listen. What would you tell them?

Also, imagine your message might be delivered this Monday (25 Oct 2021) in the early afternoon, and so comments before then would have a better chance of being heard. Y'know, hypothetically.

@cassolotl Carla and Adrian are firmly trans-inclusive too (I voted for them 1st-preference, with Tamsin and Amelia a close 2nd) so it's even more overwhelming than that :)

I have *finally* got round to updating my name on my website — and also building another custom static site generator, this time in Python, because I never really liked using an off-the-shelf one… and also remaking the page structures and stylesheets. And! After only about 15 years I have *eventually* worked out how to upload using FTP from the command line.

News I almost missed:
Rain falls on the summit of Greenland for the first time in recorded history
— via

I continue to be irritated by the SI base unit of mass having a built-in kilo- prefix.

We had a perfectly sensible name for the same unit, “grave”, and we blew it.

@vurpo @cos @matrix Jay has heard of Matrix, but their community is controlled by Discord. They're probably just trying to appeal to consumers, who would expect everything to be a familiar-brand commercial service.

Violent crime, irresponsible journalism 

Why are BBC News and the Guardian trying to make a murder suspect famous?

The name of my next band (with apologies to John Scalzi) 

Anglin' For A Pangolin

Green Party 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 

I've voted in the Executive Committee elections for:
- Ash Routh
- Jon Nott
- Alexander Sallons
- Rosie Rawle; Duncan Kerr; Daniel Laycock & Lyndsay McAteer
- Vix Lowthion
- Kathryn Bristow & Rachel Collinson
- Vix Lowthion; Edward Gildea

Mozilla are up to their usual tricks 

OK, in fairness it seems they've fixed it:

The thing is, I believed and assumed that Mozilla were using scummy scare tactics to promote their new service — I wasn't shocked or incredulous. My career in tech is a direct result of discovering Mozilla in 2002, and *this* is Mozilla's reputation as I now see it.

Maybe Drew DeVault's right and the open Web is a lost cause.

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Mozilla are up to their usual tricks 

So now Mozilla are using their Facebook Container add-on to show a scary warning on email address fields on every website, pretending that Facebook could find out your email address, to trick you into using their Firefox Relay service.

And the sad thing is I'm not surprised — Mozilla used to be an honest public service, but they've been turning into scummy used-car salesmen ever since they bought Pocket.

Whimsical timekeeping 

Captain's log, stardate 16274.8: if you divide Unix time by 100,000, you get something that ticks up one unit every ~28 hours and looks like a stardate.

“Please try to understand me as hard as I am trying to understand you, is how it was when I first had to explain to someone what the word ‘nonbinary’ means. […] But if I try to explain to you why a hippo is or is not a dragon, it isn’t that way. Neither of us is trying to learn the other one in a way that is confusing and painful and new.”

The History of Future Folk is absurd and brilliant — part Third Rock From The Sun; part Flight of the Conchords; part Dark Star

Covid in England 

So apparently Sainsbury's (supermarket) in Manchester have decided to actively expend effort to remove plastic screens and “1 metre” markers today. Why would they not just leave them in place?


OK, fine, I'll watch a game of football.


> Your gender is: CAVE. Your gender is a hollow place in the ground, specifically a natural underground space large enough for a human to enter. It formed naturally by the weathering of rock and extends deep underground.

Seems about right.

@HillOBeans Yesterday I learned how fireflies synchronise: — it's both simple and clever ✨

If Capitalism™ is so great, why do so many consumers prefer the leading competitive brand?

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