UK-based doom, sarcasm 

@cassolotl Don't worry! Keir Starmer will save us!


@kawaiipunk A suggestion that will hopefully make sense to people who it's supposed to make sense to, but not necessarily to others: “As In Fuck You”

@Edent And Prospect is not affiliated with any political party! (This was what stopped me from joining a union for years.)

Green Party (Eng+Wales) internal politics 

I wasn't sure how RON worked, so I checked the election regulations doc linked from : “1.2 Provision for negative voting: [RON] indicates that no further candidates are acceptable to a voter. There can therefore be no transfers of preference from RON. At the count, votes for RON are treated in the same way as votes for a normal candidate, except that if RON is elected or excluded, RON's surpluses transfer to a new RON candidate.”

Green Party (Eng+Wales) internal politics 

I'll also be listening to Rosi Sexton and Martin Farley:

I also note that Tom Scott (not the red T-shirt guy!) is endorsed by the “transphobe-supporting mailing list”, despite agreeing to all 9 pledges. He won't get my vote.

Green Party (Eng+Wales) internal politics 

@cassolotl Thanks for putting this together! There does seem to be a clear consensus among the various Greens I respect whose Twitter accounts are public.

Since there's ISSUES with transphobia in the Green Party at the moment, I did a very little bit of research before voting in the online internal elections (ends 31/08).

Here's the list of candidates for all 9 votes and what I found, to save you some time:

UK politics 

Skip to 50 seconds into this video: — Eddie Dempsey says in 12 seconds what the Labour party has failed to say in 25 years:

“This is about who owns what. Are we going to have a country that's run for corporations, with some people in it, or are we going to have a country that's run for the people in it, that's got some corporations?”

Excellent bad pun about UK politics and sport 

Keir Starmer is praying for a 0-0 draw on Sunday because he just can't bring himself to support the strikers.

I joined because I agree with the party's goals — I want for my home what they want for Scotland — and specifically because Patrick Harvie has shown leadership and solidarity by rejecting anti-LGBTQ+ campaigning in GPEW.

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@ada I'm not sure 🤷 I guess I just don't have a regional party in the Scottish Greens since I don't live in Scotland.

I'm a member of the Green Party of England and Wales. As of today, I'm also a member of the Scottish Greens.

@bright_helpings I knew that error code sounded familiar! — the audio clips used in [Go! by Public Service Broadcasting]( include mission control handling the 1202 and 1201 alarms.

It’s a horrible dusk in the kingdom, and you are an adorable human.

A podcast mentioned Chicago in passing, and now I've spent half an hour listening to 6 different versions of Chicago by Sufjan Stevens.

@brainblasted Virtually anything played on [Digitalis]( (one of SomaFM's radio stations, “digitally affected analog rock to calm the agitated heart”) — but the track that springs to mind is [Bluebottle]( by Contriva. The whole album's great.

@KAOS Ah, hi! ( for those following along at home.) Yeah, it's been a while since I've made effort to study or improve my game, but I keep going. I'm quite proud that I haven't timed out any of my games in years; still, I'm definitely a casual, slow player. But thanks! —this message prompted me to check, and I'm *not* single-handedly holding up the Through The Years tournament! 🎉

The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!

It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

@andrewt Are you still under their ⌘ or did you regain ^ eventually?

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