I'm genuinely surprised by how many people joining Mastodon from Twitter seem unfamiliar with using URLs to give the address of a web page, particularly when that web page has their new Mastodon account.

The whole *point* of the web is that every page has its own address, so you don't need to resort to “Look for ‘Grey the earthling’ on the Queer Party website!!!”

Bloody kids these days etc etc

@greytheearthling some of them even call any video “a GIF”, even if it’s a literal MPEG. SMH.

@GoatSarah Ugh! Before you know it, they'll be calling audio programmes that are only available via a specific app and aren't available as an RSS feed that indexes freely-downloadable audio files “podcasts” next!

On the other hand, I do like the idea of calling silent movies “Classical GIFs” — for they are GIFs in the Classical genre. See also

@greytheearthling It is straight up amazing how tech illiterate the majority of users are. Similar to the URL thing, SO SO SO SO many people also cannot get their head around a file system, or that a given URL is determined by a file structure. Actually sort of a pain point professionally. Not really sure what the answer is, as tech literacy as a requirement for participation is functionally a problematic barrier. But also, these things can drive a person bonkers.


Now who would do something silly like that? 👀


@jack Well! A fully-qualified username is essentially a domain-specific URL, so it's not making the other person do the work, and is therefore IMO couth. 🦆🦆🦆

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