Relationship stuff, Bee don’t read 

Not to mention the situation with Izzy. Romance is so frustrating, I just want something without the complicated, messy romantic feelings side of things.

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Relationship stuff, Bee don’t read 

I am. So tired and anxious and just not in a good place. Danii still has feelings for me, and I don’t feel the same way back. I feel like I’m losing her. It seems like we’re gonna take a break from talking.

But I’m so frustrated because I have an amazing job and classes are going well. I feel like things are looking up on the whole, but I’m stuck in a ditch waiting for things to improve with Danii.

You have permission to favorite my negative posts, with the meaning "I have seen this and acknowledge it", and I promise not to interpret that as a favorable reaction.

My health and illness prof is a behavior analyst... And she said the reason why there are more autistic boys than girls is something to do with chromosomes. I'm not gonna enjoy this class.

Drugs (weed) 

I am so tired. I want to get high but I have class tomorrow

I might drop my Psych Testing class. It’s… it’s a lot. Idk. I don’t wanna get stuck in the same situation as last semester.

Uncensored r slur 

Class was. Something. My psych testing prof is. A person. With opinions.

He called something “retarded”. I sent him an anonymous feedback thing asking him to not use that word and he messaged back apologizing profusely. He seemed so different in text versus in person.

I had a really bad nightmare… I don’t even want to describe it bc then I’ll have to relive it.

Ok I’ve only heard the beginning of Hamilton until now, I’m trying to listen to the full soundtrack.

“Wait For It” hits me so hard holy shit

Popular opinion: every song from Encanto is amazing
Unpopular opinion: “Waiting on a Miracle” just hits different

I’m on a bus to school and I feel like I might cry because of this stupid song I love Mirabel so much


Sleeeeeepy. Lonely. My friends aren’t reaching out anymore and I don’t always have the energy to reach out first. I’m tired of this. I feel like nobody cares

Watching Encanto and crying.
I should make a list of all the movies I’ve watched that have made me cry

What the fuck is even the point in looking for someone to date. No matter who I find, I’m still gonna miss Izzy.

Anyone remember smiledog.jpg
I think about that photo so often

Neg, disordered eating thoughts, self-insults 

Always hungry. Fat motherfucker. Gotta stop eating

Sleeby. I want to play Minecraft with my ex (we’re still friends) but she’s not awake yet

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