a creature going nowhere 5 different ways. it may also be able to do some other things soon enough

my partner and I saw you from the other side of the bar. we really like your vibe, can we buy you a drink?

creators out there eternally grateful to have any audience at all

Do you love video games?

There are just ⏰ 18 hours left ⏰ to get the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid.

You get 1000+ games, books, and other works for just $5, and all profits go to the UNRWA.


taking my parents to family therapy. we talk for a while and then the therapist rolls out from under the couch, wiping off a wrench with a shop rag and says look, i could write an estimate but i'm gonna be honest with you, kid. it'd be cheaper just to go to the dealer and get new ones

guns, animal cruelty (fictional) 

@anonny125 Baffling. It sounds like either an irony-poisioned joke, or something along the lines of the trollish PETA takes on Pokemon.


>You are in the spacious central room of the GENDER HOUSE. The walls are lined with shelves, varying GENDERS filling each one. The ATTENDANT smiles at you politely from behind the counter, on which rests a GLASS JAR full of small genders.

>There is a SERVICE EXIT behind the attendant (N), an attached THEME RESTAURANT (W), a PRIDE MONTH COLLECTION (E), and the Gender House EXIT (S).


@cassolotl THANK you. This confirms what I've thought for a while, which is that quoting someone to dunk on them just gives the quote a bigger platform.

Regardless of your agab you can just be a catgirl or a catboy if you so desire, no one can stop you

Sometimes my brain forgets that bisexuals exist - even though I count myself in their numbers - and then i remember and am delighted. How beautiful to see the attraction and desire in all of humanity

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