God rest ye merry, gentlethems
May nothing you dismay
I hope that reindeer poop on those
Who do not call you "they"

my cis friend: look, i want to understand why you'd be trans, but i don't think i get it

me, a genius: so like, imagine your fursona was a human girl

No matter the outcome of today, it's heart warming to know that we build micro-communities together where we truly look out for and support each other. The small work piles up into big things. Keep acting with compassion and love, and remember that rage helps protect those who need it. Adoration and strength to all of you ❤️❤️❤️

Live as if you were in the formative days of a better world, because if enough of us do that, we will be.

my anti-despair recipe 

Positive affirmations for safewording 

bend the medium until it breaks and then keep going

No more time for politics now it is time for trans dab

:transdab: :transdab: :transdab: :transdab: :transdab: :transdab::transdab: :transdab::transdab: :transdab:

this cat is so efficient that she can be all out of fucks to give by 9:30, a state that i usually don't reach until mid-afternoon

I've been wanting to draw some robotic stuff lately, and at the same time I wanted to draw Beaky. Instead of choosing I decided to combine the two.

This is a robot Beaky, or Robeak.
#mastoart #illustration #inks #digital #robot

final thought for the night, if you have ripped jeans and it's cold, leggings under them are super cute and also valid

shoutout to my brain for making weird ass tv for me to watch while i’m sleeping

this place is like keeping a journal but you get instantly validated instead of sealing the ideas off in a lil notebook jail forever

i have TRIED michaelsoft bing windows live search for windows. i have ENDURED duck duck and go
i have SUFFERED jeeves the curious butler
none have ever come close to the expert knowledge and linguistic understanding of my boyfriend the search engine, "AltaVista"

i think i’m just gonna let myself be a bundle of contradictions and then only keep around whoever is ok with that

the most embarrassing fact about me is i was radicalized at 19 by a copy of adbusters i bought at the grocery store on a whim

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