The flirting came fast and loose in the swinging Marvel '60s

I can hear climate-striking students through my window, and every now and again a car goes past and beeps their horn supportively and the students cheer and get louder, it is SO GOOD. 😭

"What the heck is that icon" you ask?! well Obviously its a Zombie Vampire Pumpkin-Headed Dullahan Cat!!!! Please watch Jon Bois actively destroying the integrity of the NBA in NBA 2K

sudden yet inevitable INTENSELY ANGRY take about Animaniacs of all things 

hot take, political but not specifically current-day electoral politics 

Me: determined to behave as if I already live in a world based on universal human respect and kindness

Would anyone be interested in a sewing blog focused on sewing for trans women?

Stuff like copying patterns from clothing that already fits you well so that you can feminize them. Clothing modification. Making your own femme underwear that'll fit your hips and genital configuration. That sort of thing.

I'm not an amazing seamstress, but I'm finding sewing to be a very affirming way of approaching the process of replacing my clothes.

asking for money for car repairs (emergency update) 

selfie, eye contact, gender, vidjagame 

Furry culture is referring to your fursona as both a separate entity and as yourself interchangeably

I feel like I should make more Smart Posts now that I'm getting notes. X3

People in society do not provide headpats nearly enough. I would like headpats, I believe they would make me feel soft and good.

im trying to combine "denim" and "eminem" in my brain but i cant quite make it work so instead you get this post

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