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it tracks this clothing swap, and others around portland.

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i was having trouble wording to my therapist how spite is a major motivating factor in my doing things and ended up defaulting to my koolaid man theory of determination (which is not exactly what i was aiming for but was the closest thing i could come up with) so she's decided that every day for the next week she's going to send me koolaid memes to see if that helps me get through the things im struggling with and this is an absolutely fantastic happening

Excited that my generation is bringing vaudeville-styled "throwing rotten fruit" back. If it silences baby Fozzie Bear, it will silence fascists.

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y'all, we partied so hard in 1999. like from jan 1 to dec 31st. lot of folks died

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Here’s a bun for you. I ask for nothing in return.

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