Romeo and Juliet
Act I

Two households, both alike in dignity,
Five feet apart, because they are not gay

My partner said "I think I wanna be a beautiful girl."
And then she was.
Boost if u cry every time.

when i was little i was confused about the Wonder Twins because their powers seemed so useless but now im just like "can only turn into various forms of water? extremely relatable"

people who still unironically love the things they loved as a kid are the best you go girl you embody sailor moon

Re last boost, also people who discovered a "child" thing later in life and now love it unironically are great, especially if they weren't allowed to enjoy that thing when they were a child due to gender policing

Regular reminder that I have a Patreon and put lots of creative stuff on it, reviews and fiction and poetry and such:

eye contact, selfie, kissin, boost+ 

he just got back from Smash and forgot that kicking is against the rules in turf war 😬 #Splatoon2 #SmashBros

hello and good evening. in love with a ghost is trans and nonbinary and i love them

i already did but now? :heart_nb:

are manic pixie dream girls just autistic girls being interpreted through an allistic cismale gaze?

While my pronouns ARE in my bio, it's galling to imagine anyone referring to me as anything other than "my liege"

dragons are destroying the chivalry industry by smooching princesses

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