Mastodon! I need your best recs on artists who do good monstery art and also take commissions! Please boost!

Cuz I'm just a teenage thembo baby, listen to Carseat Headrest baby with me, uwu~u

If you find your mastodon experience too political, too meme-y, too science-y, or just not interesting enough, choose who to follow more carefully. Unfollow some people who fill your timeline with boring stuff; it's not a personal judgement, and you'll still see it if one of your friends boosts their toot. And follow someone who posts the sort of thing you like. Check out hashtags from their cool posts.

Most of all, post the sort of thing you'd like to see more of!


art wip, zoom in on peppermint eyes 

damn I love putting in effort on eyes that'll get zoomed way out on

here's a zoom IN so y'all can appreciate it

the new linguistic trend im gonna introduce is noun omission. put an adjective describing something but don't say the thing itself. i think it's a pretty good

Get in loser, we’re tearing down heteronormativity.

not to derail someone else's post, but there are some soft and wholesome posts on this website that are wonderful to imagine overhearing as conversations while I sit on my porch sipping a cold drink and watching the morning blossom

there should be a counter built into mastodon that tracks the number of times you've opened then instantly closed a CWed post, called the "Actually, No, I'm Good Counter"

lewd joke, impregnation reference 

" I charge $15/hour for erotic text play, plus an additional $2/hour for impregnation or birthing scenes."
"Why's that?"
"Cost of labor."

a song demo i recorded early this year. it's straight thru and live and i mess up some stuff but it's OH KAY

#SocialistTeeth avatar commission for @nautilee of their synth dragon sona (with some cool hard light teeth)

Week Two of the #STVBB2020 art fight: 'Sculpture'!

I discovered upon doing some research that my childhood sandcastles were... somewhat unambitious lol.

Tayto for @TheCatnamedFish

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

this is a horny pic. two furry ladies hanging out at the club. but also like, their dresses are really high cut on the skirt and yeah okay I drew notable girlbulges again, so sue me. Also there's alcohol in this one. 

for @cozykaffe and friend!!

I learned how to imply club scenery from watching Batman Beyond

"i don't like how gendered 'you guys' sounds but it feels weird saying 'yall' because im not from the american south"

'yinz' is waiting for you......when you are ready

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