Hawaiʻi, bail, donation link 

i said a sick sloppy beat and absolutely no introspection

my fat fursona being minimally dressed and also attempting to thwart marketing 

Everyone ready?? It's time for the gender reveal! Three! Two! One!!!

*balloons rain down from the ceiling from a hidden trapdoor and each of them reads YOUR GENDER IS VALID*

that's the secret to gender. :3

food, nothing 

timeline take 

I just want to say thank you to everyone on here for cw'ing discourse.

Feels about discourse 

There are 32,768 genders but only 56 can be displayed on screen at once.

I opted out of gender but i still see the ads all the damn time

The happysad feeling of putting your house back to normal after someone amazing leaves.

Heat Exhaustion/Stroke PSA, Mayo Clinic source 

Sorry I can't come in for my shift today, someone caught me on the way to work and now I'm laying on their couch getting belly rubs.

Umihara Kawase's style is like, big personal identity inspiration that's just sorta been hanging out in my brain since i played the original in a SNES emulator back in... like... the late 90s?


Me 5 years ago: Being a lesbian sounds fun

Me now: Being a Lesbian is fun

this has been your regular reminder that I am part of a god from outside time and you should worship me as I experience this earth

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