It doesn't matter what form of media that they're in, swords that turn into whips are always fucking awesome.

Hello Fellow Canadians!
Please sign this and spread it around. Universal Basic Income is an important thing in this day and age.

My good friend Jacqueline just said the phrase "OSHA gijinka" and I can't allow it to go ignored by the greater public

@extinct when there's somethin uncomfortable
in your neighbourhood
who ya gonna call?

Teenage Mutant Gender Turtles!
Gender in a Half-Shell!
Gender Power!

The National Bird of #Kenya, the Lilac-Breasted Roller, sporting her 8 different colours. Photo by Patsy Weingart

the instant you start to follow the rules of your gender or sexuality against your own desires, you've misplaced your identity

i'm not talking about public safety or closeting or anything, i'm talking about in your heart of hearts, believing that because you are a lesbian, you can't ever crush on men

a fat anthro dragon wants to give you a hug 

hugs (commission work)

politics, positivity 

I just want to say that every leftist, the newbies, the exhausted fighters, the patient pushers, the ones who are terrible at direct action but great at supporting others, the people who don't have the time or resources to do anything but signal boost others, and everyone else - is contributing and part of the solution. You're all wonderful.

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