Anyone know any particularly creativity-focused Mastodons, especially writing? I want an Official Place where I can link my stuff.

ec, am cute again 

I recall the days of , and I recall the days I flirted with being goth β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ–€ (boosts ok)

religion/atheism; catechism comic edit 

somebody posted a page from an old catholic catechism book on twitter and...
the words were meaningless to me but the pictures were just too good

putting this particular background on belial really makes him look like one of the book entries

i want a refund on my disc stone. i did not intend to destroy the universe


Sorry but 'Friends with benefits' is way too corpo. Share me and call me cumrade

a possibly unprovoked drawing of the creature Savannah belonging to @_mxbird ( ). This is not someone I want to provoke!

I watched Tenet this evening, and then read some reviews, and people were complaining about inaudible dialogue. I was like, huh, I didn't have that problem, I wonder why? It's surprising because I have autistic sensory processing issues?

Reader, I had the subtitles on.

I've seen some of you flirting on the tl for straight months. Ask them out I believe in you

My child, out of nowhere:
β€œImagine if Santa is actually a good demon.”
I look at them, slightly puzzled. They continue, β€œbecause β€˜Santa’ is an anagram of β€˜Satan.’”

Grabbed the magnetic poetry word list off of their website to fill the fridge in my comic.

Hopefully-useful reminder: It's always good to put negativity under a CW, since different people may have all kinds of triggers and such!

because I'm feeling pretty bad, don't have any new drawings to share, and the "Badgers" song is now 18, here's possibly the best furry art I've ever drawn, from 2011.

"I'm sorry, this is the least nightmare inducing wallpaper we have."

the misspelling of non-binary as "non-biney" has been stuck in my head for days

it's like an internal echolalia, I just keep thinking it over and over

I'm not upset about, I just wanted to tell everyone else

I said "Do you speak my language?"
He just smiled and gave me a compliment sandwich

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