I was really depressed for the last two days because I left my ring on the lawn and the crows stole it BC shiny. It's irreplaceable and Akkas gave it to me two years ago so I was devastated. I dredged the pond and used a metal detector all over the lawn but it was gone. But today I cooked the crows bacon in the morning and this afternoon it was returned RIGHT WHERE I LEFT THE BACON!!!!!

Anyway the moral of the story is don't take off precious jewellery because you're worried about tan lines and also everyone loves bacon.

@godtierchaoticgay So cool you got it back - feels like you’re a crow friend now

@ghost_bird always a friend to crows! they have gifted me a couple of shiny bits in the last few years but i was honestly shocked they blessed me with the ring. very grateful for Artemis and Hephaestus going above and beyond like that.

@godtierchaoticgay I knew crows were clever but I didn't know they were clever enough to observe you for weeks, analyze and deduce your emotional weak points and then exploit them fully to get cooked meats.

@godtierchaoticgay @monsoonrains Crows don’t just know how to barter but also how to extort? Now that’s a story! 😅

@randynose @kensanata @godtierchaoticgay @monsoonrains I've been reading about it and apparently they could be even smarter if their lifespan wasn't as short as it is. So not only are they brilliant, they would be even smarter if they lived long enough to learn more! :O

@kiri @kensanata @godtierchaoticgay @monsoonrains

Yea, there was some show that I watched where they were able to figure out a puzzle better than a dog.

But I did find this.

@godtierchaoticgay That is simultaneously creepy and glorious in equal measure.

Of course, now you have trained them to take shiny things hostage in return for "bacon as ransom." I'm not sure where this will go ...

@ColinTheMathmo @godtierchaoticgay We have your shiny. If you want it back, leave food in the garden. Att: The Crows

@godtierchaoticgay cackling as i feed the crows with the flesh of the pig

@godtierchaoticgay cook them bacon again tomorrow and see what they bring you. Crows have been trained to collect money, even steal it. They are WAY smarter than anyone knows

@CaptMorgan @godtierchaoticgay If the revenue outperforms the cost of the bacon it seems not a bad business model.

@godtierchaoticgay I don’t know that any act could match your user name more snugly than “I traded bacon for a lost irreplaceable ring”

@godtierchaoticgay I can only respect corvids running a jewellery protection racket. Wow.

@godtierchaoticgay So we're they doing you a favour, or blackmailing you?XD

@godtierchaoticgay Crows are a lot more intelligent than many people realize. I'd bet they have observed you enough to know that leaving something for you would bring a positive response.

Either that, or they appreciated your service as a waitress / server and left you a tip.

@godtierchaoticgay I love crows so much, and glad you got your ring back! 😂

@godtierchaoticgay And somewhere a Crow is writing a paper "Operant Conditioning in the Common Human"

@godtierchaoticgay so the crows held your ring hostage more or less? :’D such amazing birds

@godtierchaoticgay I love crows. We feed ours but they've never brought gifts! They are very tame though. Your story reminded me of this one


Moral: Man can peacefully coexist with nature. (Excepting pigs.)

Also: Crows are natures extortionists.

@godtierchaoticgay keep cooking them bacon maybe they bring you other people's shit

Large crow: 'Nice ring, shame if anything happened to it, in a 'lack of bacon for the hungry crows' kind of way...'

@godtierchaoticgay *edward elric voice* it's all about equivalent exchange...!

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