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I'm a trans nonbinary butch woman with an interest in D/s.

Women and enbies can feel free to add or contact me here.

A lot of what I post is from a couple years ago since I've gained a lot of weight recently. It happens.

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My pronouns shift between she/her and they/them occasionally.

No, I don't expect anyone else to keep up with it, though the effort is appreciated.

lewd joke, near ec 

when you just lost a contact lens at the trans girl orgy and you need some help


Am I weird, or is Beerus *ridiculously* hot, especially when he stops acting goofy and goes full-on sinister and serious.

nsfw link, nonsexual nudity 

One of my favorite models is the Diamonds in this nudie playing card deck. The Kickstarter's currently failing. So I guess, check it out and see if you like it? Early bird pledges are still available.

@mal @Sapphicgiraffic I'm impressed but we need to free the knees of production here not the product

Selfie, ec, kinky, insincere - I love me some timid girls, :boost_ok: 

If you don't wanna beat me up we can't date

irritating riddle, VERY lewd 

another Sherlock Holmes-themed riddle

Holmes abruptly asked, "My friend has purchased a coin dated 54 B.C. commemorating the birth of Christ fifty years later. What is your opinion of his find?"

I leaned back, wiped my mouth and stared up at him in astonishment. "Holmes, if I'm boring you that much, could you at least find a more tactful way to indicate it?"

I have been reminded of my intense like of muscles

... muscles.

Wrestling gives girls REALLY good muscles ... so does weightlifting ... so does tennis omg

@AudreyJune yr welcome! My fave example is the time my ex roomies at the time gf’s parents took all three of us out to an extremely fancy Japanese diner, we drank a ton of sake and got increasingly bold with our sneaky dyke nods at our tall waitress with the upside down triangle tattoo on her hand

Ootd, no ec 

Been wearing things outside my comfort zone.... and I’m loving it.
Also wow my boobs look great without a bra.

Oh sorry, did you need this changing room? I got distracted by my own ass

Cleaning; Chemicals; Chemical burn risk; lewdish flirting 

Me: Ugh I got water on me or it might be bleach...? /Shrug
Cadence: ... If that's bleach you need to change clothes
Me: owo I don't have other clothes here and am stuck here for like, another 45m at least
Cadence: ... :(
Me: I mean, I can take off my top when I finish with the bleach. Want me to send you a pic of that? So you know I'm fine?
Cadence: ... yes

Selfie; ec; fully clothed but borderline NSFW :boost_ok: 

So there's a cute queer at the hardware store I'm going to after work and and --

Am I a lesbianing right??

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