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New icon courtesy @scoots ! I am becoming more goatly
(Eye contact, goat in pic)

TL, DR: this pride month, consider how hard it can be for trans men to feel proud, when "successful" transition feels like it has to aim at a place that nobody believes in the beauty and goodness of.

Help him see the goodness of being more male, even if that means confronting whether YOU can see it. Reclaiming good masculinity is a community effort.

quick reminder that Krita is an open-source, effective alternative to Adobe products with a transgender, transhuman furry mascot

An antifa angel got their wings today

I saw a cop car get towed for parking illegally

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I saw 'a safe home for your data' on a website and misread home as homo

Happy pride month y'all

If your ideology of justice isn't intersectional, it's not an ideology of justice.

Bite me.

It's the anniversary of Pulse and it's awfully quiet.

As it always is.

The victims of Pulse were Black/Latinx and often at the intersection of both, including MANY Puerto Ricans. My auntie had to help a friend from her church prepare for a funeral of one of the victims.

#Pulse #orlando #WeRemember :better_pride:

Overheard at psychiatrist office between two docs: 'get off Instagram and go see yr patients' :blobthinkingeyes:

A sheep let me get close enough to sketch it real quick. Obsessed with how cute sheep are. 🥰
#scotland #sheep #mastoart #creativetoots

Question for Deaf folks who sign (ASL) from a hearing person Show more

Question for Deaf folks who sign (ASL) from a hearing person Show more

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teach queer history in high school so more queer youth know their own history

the most messed up history fact is that they had ancient egyptian ruins, in ancient egypt

"ancient egypt" went on for so long that we're closer to the time cleopatra was born than cleopatra was to the time the early pyramids were built

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