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New icon courtesy @scoots ! I am becoming more goatly
(Eye contact, goat in pic)

Teaching my cat the value of private property by squatting in his cardboard box and swatting at him every time he tries to investigate

In general, don't mess with farmers. They are, by nature of what they do, patient, inventive, and have access to heavy machinery.

ultimate quartet band:

-1/10 scale cello, played on the shoulder like a violin

-double bass but laid in the lap and played like a guitar

-electric saxophone, but one of the models that's just a toot stick with button

-a chorus of otamatones (but all played by one person through some elaborate contraption)

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homestuck, sexual content 

homestuck, sexual content 

pokemon hot take 

re: money stuff, request for help again 

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one of our netbsd friends went into the kde irc channel and asked them what kind of baseline we'd need to port to get a minimally usable kde5 and were told that there's no such thing as kde5 and no such thing as plasma desktop, which might just be the most kde response possible

computers are a hoax invented by Big Microsoft to sell windows xp

some fun quotes from the Apollo 11 mission (that's the one where they landed on the moon)

New Game: Fantasy APT. We all pick popular hacking groups from the APT list. Every cyber attack gets points. If they leak data, points. If they get popped, you lose points, etc

"hostage taking" is such an outdated term.

i've simply evaluated my position in the current business landscape, and decided to place your children behind a paywall.

imagine hanging out w/ your robot pal n they got all hot n sweaty once you pull one of these out

polka and mariachi are very similar. the main difference is that mariachi singers have beautiful voices and sing passionate songs about love and loss, while polka songs are all just a bunch of drunk assholes singing about beer

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computing enthusiasts: microsoft is supporting linux apps in windows and adding DX support! this is amazing!

me, cynical:
extend <-- you are here

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