i’m honestly so stoked to be be learning this skill. i’m still a complete novice and getting help from others, but i still know the basics and it feels so fucking cool! powertools have always intimidated me but i’m learning to use them and it’s so much fun. all of this is so good to know from a self-sufficiency/homesteading POV too.

half of this is covered by a tarp, but the foundation is almost done by now.

three days ago i had nine holes in the ground, today i have this!

we put concrete pillars in the dug holes, filled the remaining space w/ gravel. put a sheet on the ground, covered with more gravel. anchored planks on the concrete pillars, built a wooden frame on top of it. built compartments out of OSB board and planks for the insulation to be put inside and then covered w/ the floor boards.

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