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Did my first ever wood carving the other day, in a fun workshop we did with the department. I decided to attempt a fish, and gotta admit I'm a little proud of how it turned out for it being my first time!

Here are some WIP shots as well as the final piece.
#MastoArt #WoodCarving

La bête du Gévaudan m'a léché l'oreille my childhood stalker monster is my theyfriend now

I wonder what kinds of relationships bats and birds have with each other

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Tapping your feet in a circle makes the ground grow a little inverted helicopter which is actually a transdragonflyist project and then you soar but not too high because you're here

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Autism is such a weird name.

Patient: *enjoys repetitive stimuli, struggles to understand arbitrary social norms*

Some guy: I diagnose you with Selfish Syndrome

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Je découvre le 18e çah quel bonheur et je suis venu en traversant le quartier de la Bourse mon smiley triste s'est retourné en smiley content

I've been reading Foucault's History of Madness and it's making me realize how much I/we use madness as a synonym for evil all the time. Like I can see it's really ingrained in my mind

Si vous vivez autour de et que vous voulez aider à des alimentaires dans les quartiers Nord venez à Solidarité Migrants Wilson !! Toutes les infos sur notre Facebook :)

C'est la saison du sureau et de l'acacia je les aime ielles nous aiment laissez les vous aimer elles vous parfument et se mangent!!!!

Men with 🥰 in their profile keep messaging me their pretty pretty pictures and then I have to find out they're 8000kms away bc they're bots

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foul mouth 

Fuck the Roman empire!

Okay but fediverse is such a cool thing and I don't understand it fully and that's also cool

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You construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin that forms on pudding

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