DO NOT talk about your crimes on social media, ever. This includes tagging.

Cops can read your posts, too, and when you brag about doing specific crimes you're making a confession that can bite you in a court of law.

(and it signals to your potential comrades that you're a loose cannon with loose lips, just saying)

@gendertreyf I was just having uncomfortable feelings today about how some folks on the fedi seem to handle opsec, which is to say, they don't :\ so thx :black_bloc_blob:

@gendertreyf What if you talk about incredibly outlandish crimes that have not occurred alongside your real crimes

@gendertreyf Regular reminder that most people on IRC are logging everything

Most servers on the fediverse are logging everything, usually without logrotation, and don't have good deletion wipeout
for database entries either

Additionally, you can bet your bottom dollar that any corporate messaging platform saves a copy of every conversation you've ever had and keeps it until the heat death of the universe.

The human mind is not equipped to handle casual conversation in a medium that is not ephemeral. Discord, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and the like are critical threats to individual privacy and, to anyone engaged in illegal activities, a grave threat to personal freedom.

Are they, really? I can't blame people for exercising bad opsec on social media. Not only have we not had time as a culture to really figure this stuff out but social media platforms are designed to exploit our human nature to assume casual conversation is ephemeral. This is to turn a profit.

I can't blame people for falling for this when there isn't a real alternative currently available to most people.

... because it's not profitable.

The closest we really have right now is Signal with disappearing messages turned on but that still has adoption barriers and it's not a social media platform.

You could definitely build a private social media platform but the corporate world never will and I'm not holding my breath that a FOSS platform won't require a master's degree in computer science to use...

@gendertreyf Well, you initially talk about social networks, where some dumb post their 'crime'. Public posting isn't the same thing as private tchat. Signal isn't really a social network. It's a private tchat.
When I saw on FB all that public posts that should really be private, It just confirm that user hadn't done the minimum learning to use social networks.

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