Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

@gendertreyf preppers call their sewing machines tactical benchtop thread injectors 😂

@Zuph Why does this bring images of fascists falling out of trees? I like it.

@gendertreyf wait does that mean my computer is a power tool

it has mechanical parts and uses electricity...

holy shit is an oven a power tool

@ben @gendertreyf @deejoe

I'd expect a power tool to more moving parts than an oven or a computer (especially exposed mechanical parts)

Food processors etc. definitely are, however!

lewd joshery 

@gendertreyf It has an illustrious history only a bit shorter than that of the power loom. 💜

@gendertreyf at a hackspace I was involved with, we made sure the sewing machines were one of the first things people saw on entry.

It had a really positive effect in derailing the preconceptions of some men who walked in expecting it to all be for them and their Very Legitimate Man Stuff. They got even more confused when the main users of the machines turned out to be cosplayers.

gore, industrial accidents ~ 

gore, industrial accidents ~ 

@gendertreyf now i want to see some sort of power tool alignment chart.

@gendertreyf Then note that the skills needed for accurate welding can be developed by icing cakes.

@Linothel Wait... really?! That's super cool.

I'll bet it's super awkward to do icing in those big 'ol bulky gloves, though...

@gendertreyf ngl, KitchenAid mixer stands are p much a milling machine for baking.

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