I just watched a woman upgrade her sewing machine with a toilet repair kit. Techbros think they're hot shit hackers but they ain't got shit on seamstresses.

It's brilliant. It lets her machine accept the same thread cones that she would use in her serger. I love it.

Am I going to borrow her technique? Heck yes.

@gendertreyf :O

I'm taking my machine for a service on Friday but I will definitely look into doing this when I get home from that.

Running out of these is a biggest PITA during a sewing project - it inevitably happens well after anywhere you could get more has closed, and right when you're almost finished. While overlocker thread cones don't come in as many colours, it's still better than constantly running out.

@gendertreyf I screwed on a screw driver for the same effect. Instead of installing the bit I put it on the sewing machine upside down and put the thread over it.

@AzureKingfisher How do you get the thread into the machine? I see that in the toilet hack that the thread goes through the channel normally used to accommodate old-fashioned flat wound spools.

I like the idea of getting the spool actually /on/ the machine and out of the way, though.

@gendertreyf it was just sitting in the usual place but higher and the hooks had the right form that it worked for an Elna Supermatic.

They ain’t got shit on the kids that fixed their game cartridges by blowing in them.

@gendertreyf related: Find one of those techbro "body hacker" types and ask them how they feel about women doing this for decades with birth control.

@gendertreyf always worth remembering that seamstresses invented pixel art

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