dont believe media lies. once again we will see all of these purported "daylight savings" funneled directly to the top. most of us normal folks will actually LOSE daylight

if were not supposed to eat the rich then whys dude called warm buffet

So... has been broken for a couple days now and we've heard nothing from our admin. Anyway, I've been thinking of moving to a more explicitly Jewish instance for a while now so I can kvell about Jewish crap even more than I already do without feeling weird.

Now is as good a time as any.

You can find me at @gendertreyf

Dogs who always sleep at your feet are nice but when my cat curls up there it means that at some point in the night I'm going to shift in my sleep and my toes are going to get chomped.

As a rule of thumb, if you discover a name in a baby names list that you were previously unaware of you should probably not use it to make your child, Kathy.

Cultural appropriation is a thing, Karen.

Talmudic HOT TAKE, lewd 

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Talmudic HOT TAKE, lewd 

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Talmudic HOT TAKE, lewd 

like, i'm glad that story blew up re: ICE detaining an american-born teenager for weeks.

but it also set me on edge because the focus needs to be that this organization is buck wild outta control and awful -- not that it's crossed a line for harassing a US citizen.

Religious shitposting 

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Religious shitposting 

Me: Hmm I need a new password
*opens dm's, picks out a trans bottom*
Me: Hey You're cute!
Them: lkFAJSLDGLKASfa;kdlfa2efpd

I ain't no fucking snowflake. I'm a fucking hailstone gonna smash your fascist ass.

public transit should be completely free, not only to encourage people to use it, but to avoid punishing the poor for being poor and to take away a common excuse for the police to harass marginalized groups

"Every Religion Is Western Christianity With A Different Coat of Paint; a child's guide to being a leftist"

Cynically using Jews as a shield to deflect criticism of your racism is up there with the most antisemitic things you can possibly do

In an hour or so the temperature in the shade in New York City will exceed human body temperature. You will effectively be running a fever while taking a siesta in the park.

Subway stations can be expected to be much hotter. They are very dangerous places to be right now.

Shelter in place, if possible. Use a phone app to announce train arrivals to limit time spent on the platform. Take a cold shower or bath. Run cool water over your wrists. Drink water.

Check in on you elderly neighbors.

The Mouse House at the zoo actually contains many mice so really it's a Mice Hice!

Don't just slap a bandaid on the problem when you've got roller bandages.

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