if you think cats are evil or arbitrarily mean and cold i equally distrust you to interact with autistic people in an empathetic way.

cats are soooo affectionate and they're also really quite forgiving if you make an effort with them

they'll be like "hey fucking stop" and they'll show you how much they mean it by staying away for a bit but then they'll be rubbing up against you purring, and as long as you don't keep doing what you did you're ok

we could all learn from cats, in both their assertiveness and willingness to forgive

From my office I hear the police shouting through a megaphone, clearing out the homeless encampment in the alley behind my building.

Meanwhile, the storefront across the street from my office has been empty for months, because the landlord raised the rent to a level nobody can afford. They'd rather keep it empty as a tax break.

Somebody tell me one reason landlords should get tax incentives for keeping rent ABOVE market rates, in a city full of people who need homes.


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Eeer... I meant to say 'Krytox' grease not 'Krylon' grease.

Next you need a grease. Silicone grease is really easy to find in the hardware store and is, again, safe for MOST plastics. Beware that silicone grease will absolutely destroy anything made out of silicone and it's not safe to use on thermoplastic elastomer.

In other words don't use it where it could come into contact with soft plastics unless you can verify the type of plastic used.

PFPE/PTFE based greases such as Krylon, on the other hand, are safe on basically anything.

Sewing machine oil and turbine oil are safe on MOST hard plastics. Do not allow them to touch natural rubber or soft plastics.

Polycarbonate is the exception and, unfortunately, polycarbonate is used in a lot of cheap plastic things. It will make polycarbonate brittle.

A high-purity mineral oil is what you need to service high-speed bearings like in an electric motor. Sewing machine oil is the quintessential mineral oil for low-temperature bearings. Buy it in a store that sells sewing machines.

Turbine oil is very similar but it can withstand high heat and pressure. It is a good substitute and can be bought in the automotive section of your local hardware store.

Gun oil has paraffin added to protect against fingerprints on exposed metal surfaces.

Every home needs at least two lubricants in order to service most machines: An oil and a grease.

An oil is a thin liquid that penetrates into tight spaces and can be used to lubricate bearings. Unfortunately, it also tends to migrate away from the surface on which it was applied which can be a problem for gear trains and hinges and the like. It can also migrate to surfaces that people touch.

Grease is thick and stays put but you can't wick it into tight spaces.

So choice of lubricants is a major problem for home makers and a lot of good equipment is ruined all the time because someone used an inappropriate lubricant. First, to get something out of the way:

WD-40 and 3-in-1 oil ARE NOT LUBRICANTS. They are water displacement oils designed to thicken when exposed to air in order to better adhere to the surface of metal to prevent corrosion. They're useful for 'lubricating' things that seize up because they get covered in rust and really nothing else.

Two drops of turbine oil and a fan of mine that had completely seized up is now running more quietly and more smoothly than it ever did, new.

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Apparently the 'Tablet K' hechsher looks like Rosie from Close Your Eyes, Look at the Mountains.

Brands that feature a reputable hechsher on some of their products but feature a self-certification on others are sketchy as hell. I'm looking at you, JELL-O.

To be honest it's borderline fraud and mashgiachim ought to refuse to endorse any product made by a corporation who engages in this kind of practice.

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White people are more careful about avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers than they are about avoiding racism.

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