just spent 45 minutes talking to a homeless woman and I just wanna be the first to say
FUCK cops
FUCK prisons
FUCK men
FUCK white people
FUCK america
FUCK shelters carding people
and FUCK privileged bougie idiots pretending they can't see it hear poor folks



homeless people are some of the nicest, humblest people, and realizing that has made me want to burn everything down

@genderlessmenace666 @jennie In another life, I used to administer a church food bank. Members of the church were forever expressing concern about me having to deal with all the scary homeless people.

They never seemed to grasp that getting to meet and help those people was usually the best part of my day. It seemed to me that the homeless people were doing a better job of living a "Christian" life than most of the church members.

@morganmay @genderlessmenace666 I was very briefly homeless about a year ago, and like.... I'm fed now, I'm sheltered now, I'm safr now; that's the stuff I recovered really well from. The thing that I'm still the most messed up over is how about 95% of people just, like... *looked through me?*

idk how to explain it, capitalism's wild

@jennie @genderlessmenace666 I have not been homeless, but I find that very relatable. The pain that has stuck with me the longest from the constant bullying I experienced as a kid is the pain of feeling like no one cared enough to stop it. I guess I find hate easier to understand and deal with than indifference.

@jennie @morganmay @genderlessmenace666
I met a friend at the train station a few years ago, and I almost did not recognize her. She seemed to want to hide from me when I arrived. It was incredible to see the sparkle return to her eyes... and frightening.

She was one of the people I most admired, and I did not know, until I saw her at the station, that she had been homeless.

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