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Do you like my header? I made it on Canva, which makes really nice header images and icons and such.

It reads my name, pronouns, and then underneath:
"Agender, spoonie, author, activist, cat mom, a little too into the paranormal and plants."

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My CWs marked "spoopy" are paranormal videos I felt like sharing for your enjoyment. Open for ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, and other strange entertainment.

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So I'm going to make a pinned toot because I don't want my bio to be too long:
Hi, I like to write (fiction and nonfiction) and try to be an activist for the trans, disabled, and ace/aro communities. I do this stuff usually under the name Sapphire Crimson Claw and you can find me on Facebook.
More specifically, I'm trying to get a non-profit together in my local community called the Southern Tier Transgender Advocacy Group.
It would be great if you liked either of these pages.

Oh, that's right, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning! I can't stay up too late tonight.

lmfao all of these ridiculous fucking tweets got deleted with no mention that they ever existed


This meeting of the Illuminati will now come to order. Our first order of business will be going over group ideas since the last meeting. We've been making excellent strides on the sexuality & gender front, but as you all well know, it's an election year in the US, so I'm hoping we've got some good ones. Let's see, the first one is "Replace Joe Biden's brain with a potted plant." Oops! I'm reading from an old batch, we already did these! Now where did I put the new ones?

lmao at all the rich people learning for the first time this year that a lot of people dont like them

conspiracy theories, occultism because I'm clearly on a really bad kick 

🎶Coming Out Of My cage
And I've been Shaming Mankind🎶

Under Communism everyone will have a government assigned Skeleton

Selfie, ec, boost+ 

Populism is fetishization of "the people" as a homogeneous group with a "common will" and common attributes, interests, etc..

It is a term often inaccurately applied by those who favor aristocracy to describe those who don't

From that blog again, ACAB 

Diarrhea, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, fragrance intolerance, cold and heat intolerance, muscle pain... So who knows? It usually goes undiagnosed.

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Trolls/stalking, ableism 

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