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I just want to clarify that when I talk about being on HRT I'm AFAB agender and I'm taking it for medical reasons not gender reasons in case people get confused...

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So I'm going to make a pinned toot because I don't want my bio to be too long:
Hi, I like to write (fiction and nonfiction) and try to be an activist for the trans, disabled, and ace/aro communities. I do this stuff usually under the name Sapphire Crimson Claw and you can find me on Facebook.
More specifically, I'm trying to get a non-profit together in my local community called the Southern Tier Transgender Advocacy Group.
It would be great if you liked either of these pages.

he goes from trying to break out of our house and into the cold dark night to sleeping on his favorite blanket all warm next to the stove so quick like, does he even realise

Continuing the theme of weird things that happened in Pennsylvania, this is Obama buying pie.

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omfg Adam Scott is Satan on the Good Place and his name is Trevor

he's been such a baby while it's been "cold" (~54°)



A Tale of Two Kitties: Rockin' Rudy's adopts new shop cats


Wait, you thought I was joking about being a succubus? Whelp, guess I got some pictures to post..

i mean look at this behemoth cat. hes very heavy

FUN FACT: the rabbit in monty python and the holy grail is just a regular rabbit, they're all like that

2019 is the year of transphobes fucking off back to whatever hole they crawled out of

jessica chastain and bryce dallas howard aren't the same person, apparently

make cishets shit for 72hours a day. thats right. we're making them shit more than they could ever physically cope

spending new year's with a cat and a linear algebra textbook

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