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My CWs marked "spoopy" are paranormal videos I felt like sharing for your enjoyment. Open for ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, and other strange entertainment.

The huge expansion project at my local community garden is underway, and it's looking pretty good!

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i know it wasnt clear to elizafox but prefacing a racist screed with your 23andme results was not making the statement you thought it was

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Hey, all. Sorry for disappearing. But I would really appreciate you taking the time to boost and/or check out my Beltane sale! AnarchoEnbyShop

A few I've made recently

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My Beltane sale on Etsy goes through Saturday.

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If someone doesn't like that you're nonbinary, they can just f*ck off. Their opinion on the subject is not only utterly irrelevant, but is also unwanted.

Yes, everyone has opinions. However, some opinions are wrong and ridiculous.

Opinions (especially bigoted and violent ones) aren't sacred.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #exorsexism #cursing #opinions

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Things are much better at home, because I managed to actually verbalize some gratitude towards my family. They're now a lot more open to me changing my name, but they just want me to get on my own feet first.

I've called a local psych clinic about getting assessed for autism by phone. A diagnosis will help me get into supported employment. I feel like I would like working at a health food store, something with herbalism.

suicide, self harm mention 

went to hospital after trying to OD yesterday... misunderstood parents thinking they wouldn't let me change my name ever, when it's just "not yet"... which I won't argue about, if it means having a place to live. taking a hiatus from most of social media.

anarchoenby77 at gmail if you want to talk

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someone please why is my cats tail so long it looks fake like it's being clipped..

Good news! I met virtually with some Cornell law students who help trans people legally change their names for free. I'm getting my name changed! :blobaww: :heart_trans:

Plus I'm making a killing with my Etsy shop. Three sales in one month! Whoohoo!

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Having a good day. It's sunny and decently warm here. Took Pete out on the deck in his tent. Edith has been here several times. Currently watching a weird old sci-fi movie called "a boy and his dog."

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50% off everything through Friday

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You're not "too much." You're just you.

Volcanoes, thunderstorms, and even vibrant flowers make no apologies for existing, and neither should you.

Be yourself in all your overwhelming glory.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #volcano #storm

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In "Jurassic Park" Micheal Crichton jerks himself off spending many pages talking about how the failure of the park was inevitable and due to how biological systems work ("life finds a way").

Meanwhile, the plot involves an underpaid programmer deliberately undermining security at the park and the infrastructure that could have protected visitors instead shitting the bed due to cost-cutting and arrogance.

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