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Please check out my two Facebook pages:
AnarchoEnby, which has local activism, my art, articles and reposts
Southern Tier Transgender Advocacy, my nonprofit org. Also on Instagram (southerntiertransadvocacy) and here: @transbinghamton

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My CWs marked "spoopy" are paranormal videos I felt like sharing for your enjoyment. Open for ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, and other strange entertainment.


hi, i'm jessica "sapphic giraffic", formerly of

i'm into lots of different games, mostly pokémon, animal crossing, and warframe lately. i'd like do more board games and tabletop, but y'know... quarantine and shit.

looking to make a fresh start over here on

let me know if there are any questions

May a-spec people find success in their lives.

Uspol, Trump, the media 

Trump's strategy for winning the 65+ vote? Troll 60 minutes, which is only watched by old people.

Chronic illness things, meds, fuck doctors 

Oh good! They were actually ready!

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I don't think we talk enough about how guns were pathetic weapons for much of their history.

Like a bayonet is basically, "Oh you're being rushed by horsemen? Run out of bullets? Fuck it, just stab them."

Chronic illness things, meds, fuck doctors 

So I ran out of my daytime prescription drug for heartburn and the office won't call me back over getting a refill. Mom just left to pick me up an emergency supply from the pharmacy.

late stage capitalism, amazon 

Amazon warehouse worker is now the most dangerous job in Washington State -- possibly in the US

Bureau of Labor Statistics report on most dangerous jobs in the world rates Logging at #1:

Seattle times: "Amazon’s warehouses have more costly workplace injury claims than meatpacking or logging, Washington state says"

Biden US politics 

I see the GOP new attack is, get ready, that Biden likes trains and uses Amtrak!!
Well, Biden is done

In remembrance of the time I went to the ocean and met a sea lion.

if nobody has called you a slur recently you're in an echo chamber and need to break out and listen to outside perspectives like a epic foss bro or whatever the fuck idk

dang. why would the harassment apologist move to plemora

Loki: this thing is on the table... ha! now it is on the floor.... what if this other thing was also on the floor,,,,

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