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My CWs marked "spoopy" are paranormal videos I felt like sharing for your enjoyment. Open for ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, and other strange entertainment.

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I love talking about identity stuff so if you want to ask about some of the "weird" or "mogai" labels I use and what they mean to me go right ahead (as long as you're nice and respectful)

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So I'm going to make a pinned toot because I don't want my bio to be too long:
Hi, I like to write (fiction and nonfiction) and try to be an activist for the trans, disabled, and ace/aro communities. I do this stuff usually under the name Sapphire Crimson Claw and you can find me on Facebook.
More specifically, I'm trying to get a non-profit together in my local community called the Southern Tier Transgender Advocacy Group.
It would be great if you liked either of these pages.

i feel like there has been a backlash to the sexual positivity movement in queer circles in the name of inclusion. it seems like it doesn't actually make more space for people less/not interested in sex. it just further assimilates rad culture into the status quo

sometimes I still think that the whole mess with MW on Tumblr was a dream, or a trance, and that I never really got that bad... shows me it probably really was a psychotic break...

true cime, tumblr 

trolls/stalking, uspol-adjacent 

can we just like rewrite the universe so whoever came up with conversion therapy instantly dies

it's illegal to view me directly, you must steal fleeting glances out of the corner of your eyes

exclusionary bullshit, violence 

ACAB, Detroit Pride Parade 

content warning meta 

:boost_ok: non-emergency financial support for QPOC 

queer friends supporting each other is an inexhaustible source of infinite energy

the old idea of household gods (i think it was greek? maybe the romans stole it too?) just popped into my head again. i regularly call on the small gods for help.

Barbara DeWalt is the goddess of finding good parking spaces. sing her name while searching.

the small god of christmas lights takes offerings of burnt bulbs and can help find dead bulbs and detangle cables.

our family gnome Henry and his Valiant Crew are ace at finding lost objects (they sometimes "borrow" them, but always return when asked) and take gifts of veg or fruit peels and shiny coins and buttons as thank yous.

a trio of tiny robots looks out for our technology and my career. they live on the computer and appreciate plastic gems as focal points for their work.

then of course we have the ghost cat brigade, our three dear departeds who still wander the house and eat the kibble we put down for them.

i think that's the current pantheon. others crop up spontaneously. being pagan is FUN.

Had one of those rare days when I feel legitimately gorgeous :)
Boosts appreciated

my dad always calls this local eyeglass center "twin queers eyecare," who wants to open a gay optometrist shop with me?

Punk likes this pillow. She uses the arm while I use the back.

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