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I love talking about identity stuff so if you want to ask about some of the "weird" or "mogai" labels I use and what they mean to me go right ahead (as long as you're nice and respectful)

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So I'm going to make a pinned toot because I don't want my bio to be too long:
Hi, I like to write (fiction and nonfiction) and try to be an activist for the trans, disabled, and ace/aro communities. I do this stuff usually under the name Sapphire Crimson Claw and you can find me on Facebook.
More specifically, I'm trying to get a non-profit together in my local community called the Southern Tier Transgender Advocacy Group.
It would be great if you liked either of these pages.

So I sat down to get some writing done and Wotan decided to do this. Please note how he's got his foot on the desk so I can't move close enough to the desk to type

Sometimes when it's hard to keep up, it's a better use of your energy to pause instead.

Folks are always fighting their inner demons... I made friends with mine. We're fuckin' tight. :sigil: 🐊

White supremacists obviously (see DSM) have severe and well deserved inferiority complexes.

(staff): *covers Peetie's eyes because he is a young and impressionable cat* DAMN YOU ALL, QUIT CORRUPTING MY SON

toast is obsessed with cesya's computer chair and always takes it whebn she can

Tired: she's the love of my life

Wired: she's the love of my wife. You see, we're poly

my #aromantic #ecoanarchist flag for all your aro and green anarchy needs.
thanks @thrype for what you put together! this is the same but with the green and black expanded so that it resembles to ecoanarchist flag a bit more

if you're part of a sorority/frat there's a 50% chance you're evil and a 95% chance you're boring as shit

It's funny because when that guy threw his sandal (or ship-ship for the real ones out there) at George Bush people in America were like "wow that's so weird/silly!" meanwhile we were watching the TV like GB REALLY DONE FUCKED UP DIDN'T HE

can we like... go back to hotwifery instead of the function of a cumsock

neurodivergent people who are well-informed about their conditions are better qualified to diagnose fellow neurodivergent people than any neurotypical doctor, send toot

getting a sock pregnant and having baby socks

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