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roommate had a dream i kept giving him emotional support and calling him "brother" like some sort of cool jazz musician. My dude's, I cannot emphasize enough that I look like an otter who happened upon magic beans.

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Please keep pretending that rules exist and apply to me. They don't.

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i am high and in a skirt without underwear i'm having a fun time

If you're in Maine, Biddeford High School is doing walk-ins for J&J shot today 8:30-3:30.

am i having a stroke or do i have a sex injury

please recommend me another instance for the love of god i'm done


toast appreciation ! post toast !

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what's wonderwall. explain wonderwall to me right now. don't dumb it down to some vague shit. explain to me what it means to say to someone 'you're my wonderwall'. explain wonderwall to me right now or i'll fucking murder you


I'm making pizza tonight it's gonna be pepperoni I'll show you

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I actually think it's fine to not know shit about fuck; many important historical figures have attempted to know shit about fuck, and you know where they are now? That's right: all dead

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"Don't make me tap the sign"

But please talk to your moderation.

Hey, you, yeah you, you eighteen year old little shit, you wanna give up your life while we just endlessly fuck with you? perfect. sign here.

please show me a screen shot of all the tabs you have open

i'm not actually mad, i just hate being scene and known. how humiliating for me.

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