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this is my reserve account, for if owt happens with icosa for any reason. I'll pretty much post there all the time otherwise

that's gooder, avatar updated here as well. love that hair so much

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It's our great pleasure to finally share this document with the world, three years after we and FreyasSpirit originally published it inside Google. It has a new foreword by Liz Fong-Jones. #pluralgang #pluralpride #plurals #justpluralthings #didmpd

yeah I'm staying on here for now, let icosa get back to usual business

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In case you need something cute today. Here is Professor Dr. "Dapper Drake" 🦆. #art #illustration #mastoart #krita

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board games, anxiety(~) 

oh, icosa's back. will resume from over there

on my way home now. work felt like I've done nothing and made progress simultaneously.

maybe I just find database design and that sort of stuff relaxing and easy?

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Being bi is cool because not only do you feel shame for not being straight, you get to feel shame for not being gay and also for not calling yourself pan

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yeah so icosa's still down for now, so I've shifted the crossposter here.

so my tweets and my replies to them get zoomed over here, but not anything else.

I usually toot other stuff though

I was awful as a duckling, everything had to be either completely true or utterly false. everyone was scared of me and I never had any friends, because nobody likes the school boolean

the Battle of Bannockburn took place in 1314, or in local parlance "the back a' wan"

this is the rhythm of the night,
but it's shite,
o no

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