I hate to ask for money, but we were in a minor car accident this morning and need help getting a rental because Nebraska.


bad art (mine) 

bad art (mine) 

modern technology enabling you to relive your boring life forever

I don't think I'm smart enough to finish this Susan Sontag audio book. I just started it, too.

race, hate crime news 

Having a lot of feelings. Also I can't seem to post to occult.camp at all.

annoyed bird cursed to live in a cage of its own creation

If I ever decide to have a baby, I'm naming her Hannibal: season two on Blu-ray.

Hannibal season 2 spoilers 

I finshed DS9 and now I have to cry forever. Really sad there's no post-DS9 Trek.

I should start using this account more. Hi, everybody! How's it going?

My partner and I started a podcast. It's called Your Faves Would Never. The first episode is about Zine Fest and Em filling their girly movie gaps: abnormalmapping.com/#/yourfave

LB everyone should try their hand at podcasting. I'm planning to go back to it myself soon. My partner wants to do one and a work bestie and I wanna start a true crime show.

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