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Allow me to myself.

Frater Gorgias, aka spookyboi, I’m here to shitpost and chew bubblegum...and I’m all out of shitposts.

I’m a 30ish cis-het guy (he/him/y’all). I work at a university as a researcher on terrorist propaganda and internet identity. I’m in a triad relationship with 2 people I love to death, and I’m an unabashed pinko commie soyboi libcuck.

If you follow me you’ll get a lot of memes, political talk, bad takes, bad bits, and links to things I love to hate.

Wandered into a dive bar in Denver and it just so happens to be 80s RomCom burlesque night. These are my people

lol my plane left without me. My row never got called, there wasn’t a final boarding call, I’m just not allowed to fly apparently. Great start to this little adventure

Haha there’s these two guys at the airport mishearing the boarding instructions and alternately confusing each other


If a cult of radical leftists started doing crimes in order to acquire expensive sex toys, would they call themselves the Sybianese Liberation Army?


I wonder if there are any essential oils guys in the military, trying to convince their battalion commander to integrate copper bracelets into the standard patrol kit

Can’t wait for the underground rap songs about Epstein, they’re gonna be 🔥

So I’m gonna get baby’s first tat here in the next couple months, and I have SO MANY ideas that I need to decide between from my tattoo plan I’ve been developing for decades. Which should be the topic I breach first?

Ok I think I’ve recovered from my Epstein breakdown enough to post again. I’ve been reading decade-old court documents for the last two weeks, what’s the culture like these days?

This Epstein shit has me gobbling handfuls of black pills rn


The funny thing is that before today I was in the process of convincing myself that the Epstein shit was maybe a bit overblown. Lol. Lol to everything.


I no longer wish to live, so I would like to announce that I have crucial information about prince Andrews sex crimes

Jeffery Epstein shoulda said he was being held in Michigan, he never woulda gotten whacked there


Ok y'all did it: A thread about hogs, ferality, and race in American history.


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