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I am informed that the β€œhomo” in β€œhomo sapiens” is a false cognate to β€œhomo” in β€œhomogeneous”

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Also we call our sun "the sun." Or "sol," which means "the sun" in a different language.

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Humans really are bad at naming references to themselves, aren't they?

Many countries' names translate to "home" or "the center" or the like. Earth is named after what it's made of. "Homo sapiens" means "thinking thing the same as me." And even "human" just means "person from Earth," if you dig down far enough.

Science fiction that calls us "Terran" instead is literally 0% better.

Also I’m getting gigabit internet! Current installer ETA is in two hours.

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Things I woke up to today:
β€’ the sound of the neighbor’s chickens clucking away
β€’ an actual view
β€’ two cozy sleepy kitties
β€’ not having to limp down and up stairs just to feed Fiona

So I bought a Roomba and of course they all need stupid cloud setup to do their thing anymore. and I don't have Internet yet... but I did find my wifi router. so I just did the most bogglingly stupid roundabout way of getting it online: sharing my phone's 5G to my desktop over wifi, then sharing my desktop's wifi over ethernet, then connecting my router to my desktop's ethernet, then connecting my phone back to the router over wifi to run the Roomba setup.

Amazingly enough, it actually worked.

Surprisingly, Werner is having a fun time exploring the new place, while Fiona is sulking in a closet.

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So I spent all of Trans Day of Visibility getting repeatedly misgendered by people who were going through and packing up my girl mode clothing, and who had me as β€œMs. (last name)” in their records. How was yours?

and I hear my UPS beeping away, so that must have also been unplugged (but not disabled)

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Things this dude has been oblivious to while still calling me β€œsir:”
* a closet full of dresses and skirts and other girl clothes
* me wearing a purse
* a pile of queer comics
* multiple sex toys

I’m tempted to say at the end of all this β€œso this is awkward but you realize I’m not a guy, right?”

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Also I’m pretty impressed with how quickly my dildo moved on its own.

It’s also quite filthy and I will be giving it a THOROUGH cleaning.

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This dude has literally been packing up my dresses and other clothes and now my sex toys, and he still thinks I’m a guy. The cisbliviousness is strong with this one.

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Add that to the list of things I meant to pack away myself and forgot.

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β€œSir, there’s some sort of... cat toy? I’m not sure how to turn it off, could you take a look?”

He pointed over to the β€œcat toy” squirming around on the ground.

It was not, in fact a cat toy, but my dildo.

I ended up sending it after some more revisions and the coincidentally the one who was being cranky suddenly got really nice. Like well before anyone could have talked to him about it. So like. He was probably having a bad morning. Now I feel bad.

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another draft:

I know I hadn’t mentioned this during the quote phase, but I’m disabled with chronic pain and fatigue issues, and I already pushed myself as hard as I could to get things ready for the crew in advance. Such a disclosure shouldn’t be necessary in the first place, though. Could you please remind your crew members that they are hired to do a job that the client possibly isn’t able to do themselves and, ideally, act with kindness?

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