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Roses are red,
Violets violet,
If you must travel,
Respect the pilot

ugh I really want to work on some music for some game jam games but my wrists hurt, like, a lot

chronic pain sucks. wish i could find a treatment which actually worked, aside from having no income

Also it’s a common misconception that mp3 is short for β€œMPEG-3” but it’s actually β€œMPEG-1, audio layer 3”

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Fun fact: the reason why mp3 files don’t loop seamlessly is because they’re designed to be the audio track of video files, making it hilarious that this is what caught on as the most common music format.

Even more hilariously, most video files these days use AAC, which was intended to be a music format!

I have a journal comic to draw for today but I honestly have no idea how best to convey speech bubbles for a conversation that occurred via my phone on Slack.

It is snowing in seattle. Yay!

I just hope this doesn’t mess up the roads tomorrow since I was planning on touring houses.

WandaVision episode 2 

Still wondering what the hell happened to the beekeeper. Did Wanda just retcon him out of existence or something?

And not the best performance but I did wel considering I haven’t even attempted a new-scale 11 before. And I’m high.

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Oh wait I think this track was mislabeled with the new scale even though it’s in a classic pack. Oh well. Still a fun track.

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Apparently I’m better at DDR when I’m slightly high.

I also haven’t attempted this particular level in at least 15 years so

hey maybe it's not the flawed way we measure intelligence that we should worry about, but rather, the fact that we so badly want to measure intelligence

like, that is some real yikes shit

How is it that Netflix and HBO are now the two best places to go for original cartoons? Weirdest timeline.

Today I finally got around to watching Age of Ultron to see if it would help me understand more context to WandaVision and Endgame.

Nope, it's actually a confusing mess on its own.

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