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of course the fringe benefit of most apps really being fancy browsers these days is I can just zoom them in at the app level anyway so if this is ever too hard to read I can cmd-+ a couple times and give my eyes a break. At least it works in Slack and Discord.

Just wish I could get my browser tabs etc. to resize too. There's probably a hidden Firefox setting for that though.

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the text on my screen is literally two millimeters tall and I can read it just fine from a meter away. It's not quite as clear as it was back when I did this unironically in grad school, but, what the heck.

Of course it'd be nice if macOS supported arbitrary UI scaling instead of this weird inbetween crap, but... whatever!

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okay so macOS 11 (or maybe the M1's GPU) has trouble with doing the virtual 2880p HiDPI -> 2160p scaling that my monitor needs.

So right now I'm running my 27" 4K monitor at native 1:1 resolution and... I actually like it? and I can read the text pretty well? jesus christ my eyes are way better than they have any right to be

oh wow Logic Pro bounces are *way* faster on the M1

Apple wasn't exaggerating about how amazing this processor is

Somehow it took a whole year to get an age-restriction flag against my PokΓ©ball cannabis grinder video.

(I'm fine with it, I'd have marked it as not for kids myself if YouTube gave me the option!)

The other freaky thing about HDR is that UI elements will look perfectly white but then watching an HDR video with superwhite brightness makes them look gray by comparison, and then they remain gray-looking for several minutes afterwards.

Color perception is *weird*

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wow, HDR monitors make HDR content look really good, and it also makes it basically impossible to tell what the colors on my art are going to look like on normal monitors

haha omg 32-bit Intel Windows apps run just fine under CrossOver on my M1 Mac mini

Meds (~) 

I think i"m past the worst of the withdrawal, and a couple hours ago I was able to eat dinner without it making an encore appearance, so that's nice at least.

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Meds (-) 

I think it’s time to give up on finding a medical treatment for ADHD. Everything I try ends up with some dire side effects that make it very not worth it.

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Meds (-) 

so far today I've had two glasses of water and like three spoonfuls of corn flakes

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Meds (-) 

I am feeling really bad right now.

Antidepressant withdrawal fucking sucks.

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Meds (-) 

The first couple of weeks on Wellbutrin went pretty okay (probably because I started it at the same time as I started playing DDR again) but my insomnia has gotten progressively worse and yesterday my blood pressure started to noticeably spike and it hasn’t gone down since then. I feel like I’m dying. I am going to taper off this stuff.

Yet another failed attempt at getting my ADHD under control.

In particular I feel like the leveling might be a bit off, and at the harder levels in particular some of these don't really feel like they fit the mood of the songs (esp. New Dawn)

@Patashu @CurusKeel

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Hey folks I've added two more songs to my Stepmania pack and also done a bunch of little tweaks. If anyone wants to try it out and provide feedback (keeping in mind that I'm targeting it as a fitness regimen, not an ultra-technical staminafest) please let me know! or

cc @Patashu and @CurusKeel

(Fortunately it also has screws for mounting to a wall or under my desk, which is probably what I'll do instead.)

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Today the VESA mount for my Mac mini arrived, so I can mount it to the back of my monitor.

See if you can spot the problem, though.

omg my island's getting the aurora borealis right now

how far north is it

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