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also apparently there's no way to collect the songs he plays when he gets an invalid title.

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Dang, I guess I've collected all of the K.K. Slider songs in ACNH. And the only reason I know that is because he's started giving me duplicates. :(

well, if you're reading this and you're in the Pacific time zone, you managed to survive 2020

happy new year

all of my 'virtual party' plans for tonight ended up being boring and/or obnoxious so I decided to get a last-minute ticket for the Beats Antique concert that starts in half an hour. in case anyone else is in a similar spot. Cheapest ticket is like $5 but you can also get in for free somehow apparently

Oops, @lofibeats hasn’t tooted since October. I bet I forgot to reenable the cron job after I rebuilt my server.

huh, except the season is only 12 episodes long, so maybe it's more that they just didn't get a ridiculously large episode order and so they were just able to spend more money per episode.

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oh also the animation has gotten a HUGE upgrade. HBO money sure makes a difference.

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I mean these relationships had all been telegraphed in the CN seasons but having them be actually acknowledged is great

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basically I love how HBO Max is finally letting the various CN creators tell the stories they want to tell instead of being stuck on CN's prudishness

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wow season 3 of Summer Camp Island is very different

also really intense and gay

Of course everyone tried to make it my fault, except Alton Brown who was there in disguise as a NASCAR mechanic, but it turned out he was also an alien who was trying to go incognito so he was upset that I recognized him. He wanted to know what I thought about his glowing purple tentacles and I said they were pretty neat. Then he left Earth, embarrassed.

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Had a stressful dream that my sister had bought s huge bougie house where even the bathrooms were these gigantic social spaces and she was having a gigantic party and I really needed to take a shit but everywhere I went had lots of people. Finally I found a bathroom quilt a gathering in it and started to take a shit but then the party followed me in there and it got really awkward fast.

β™« On the first day of Christmas, my family gave to me...

50 minutes of Zoom misgendering β™«

Had a dream about a 2020 β€œwhere are they now” special of The Office. Dwight was in the office wondering where everyone was and went ragged trying to do all the work, and didn’t understand why the film crew was wearing PPE. Michael went completely stir crazy and had an elaborate TV studio in his bedroom where he put on shows of teaching his cat to read the encyclopedia. Stan retired years ago and continued to give no fucks.

I think every time my mom deadnames me I should email her my name change certificate, and every time she misgenders me I should send my driver's license or passport.

Maybe she'll get it before her email fills up.

Basically this would be Auth0 but also supporting open/federated protocols, and probably free/donation-supported (but also easy for folks to host their own instances if they need to).

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Yet another project I want to build but have no time for: a hosted server version of Authl so that people can use Authl without having to build their entire thing in Python

I should see how works and use that as a model, since that’s pretty close to what I want (and Authl only even exists to begin with because only supported a handful of auth protocols)

you don't need a specific reason to not approve a follow. Someone's energy doesn't feel right sure go ahead. No pronouns in bio, sure. whatever reason you want is valid because no one is owed access to you.

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