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I mean it’s almost certainly smoke and my air filters just can’t keep up with it

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tfw not sure if cough is smoke or COVID

really tfw 2020

One of my favorite things about human-run social media is that if your feed goes quiet, it lets it be quiet instead of dropping in stuff from a bunch of strangers it thinks you might like.

Or maybe that β€œhey follow this rando” behavior is a thing I loathe about corporate-run social media.

Most people are under the impression the ADHD is somehow a 'deficit of attention,' but it could equally and quite appropriately be framed as having higher than normal neurological requirements for stimuli.

When ADHD kids especially seem to bounce from subject to subject "mindlessly," what they're doing is not just randomly slopping through whatever without paying attention. They're running through lists of potentially stimulating subjects until they find one that suits their high requirements.

Smoke in the air makes me emotionally volatile. Like, just physically breathing it, independently of its tie to the global ecopolitical situation. During previous smoke events, back when you could just buy N95s, wearing one produced a noticeable improvement in my mood.

If you're in the smoke zone feeling cranky/depressed/anxious, consider that it might be doing this to you too. Clean your air as best you can and be gentle with yourself, yeah?

Ugh the amount of smoke in the air has overtaken my home’s ability to keep the air inside clean

So I'm switching from Premiere to Final Cut Pro (because I'm tired of paying the ongoing Adobe Tax for software I don't use that much) and while FCPX has a lot that it does better than Premiere, it still absolutely sucks at doing motion keyframes. I guess if you want to do proper motion tweening you're supposed to buy Motion as an add-on. Ugh.

I should see what parking options are like at my doctors office. This is not something I should walk through.

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Hey Seattle friends, anyone want an HP Color LaserJet? It works okay but it's just taking up a lot of space and it's kind of a pain to deal with. I was going to donate it to a thrift shop, but Lifelong doesn't accept printers and Goodwill isn't accepting donations at all right now (at least not in Capitol Hill). It'll also come with some extra toner cartridges.

also I have my annual physical in, like, an hour, and I really don't want to go outside to get to it

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It is too damn hot to be unable to open a window right now

Also not a fan of doctors seeing fresh cuts/scratches on my arms and legs and not accepting "I have cats" as an explanation.

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I am not a fan of Fiona jumping on my lap with her claws out when I'm not wearing pants.

Even less of a fan of me going "aaah" quietly leading to her jumping off even harder, with her claws extended.

And this is why I constantly have scabs all over my legs.

pet peeve: doctor's offices which send an emailed appointment reminder (via secure messaging portal), AND robocall, AND send a text message, all within 30 seconds of each other.

Yo seriously, this is a real actual post I'm making

If you see someone doing Racism and trying to couch it in linguistics in ANY WAY, please point me at them

I literally have the college education to prove them wrong and I am DESPERATE to prove to myself I didn't waste my time and money on this degree

We're good at spotting when people do transphobia with this, but racism is also something that people will try to defend with "language" and I'm not here to let that stand


yeah I think 5mg isn't enough to help my brain, but 10mg is too much for my body. Ugh.

Welll, I'm going to be seeing a new psychiatrist soon, so maybe we can find something that works for me.

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