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Interesting read on how white supremacy culture infects so much of our daily experiences, even when we aren't ourselves white supremacists:

in particular this PDF:

I'm feeling especially called out by the "perfectionism" section.

In short, bugs bunny is a bottom and Daffy Duck is vers

And my phone desperately is trying to correct it to Daddy Duck and ***ABSOLUTELY NOT*** OKAY HERE WE GO. we're running our own Favorite Looney Tunes By State poll. results in, uhhhh mmmmmm how about a week? we'll see in a week. spread this sucker around

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Ah, git gui has been fixed in homebrew on Catalina, BUT to get it to work you need to uninstall the git-gui package, then upgrade or install the git package, then reinstall git-gui. Just upgrading git-gui isn't enough (and upgrading git removes the git-gui command even if git-gui is already installed).

Wow, one of my neighbors still subscribes to the Netflix rent-by-mail service. How retro.

if I weren't likely to be unemployed again in the very near future I'd totally be spending a lot of money here

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The higher priority is with Authl, since Publ's documentation site seems to be enough to get people started with it, and really the Python API isn't the important part of Publ.

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I really want to have better, auto-generated documentation for Publ and Authl and so on, but every time I try setting up Sphinx or whatever I get sent down a rabbit hole of hand-wavey, ironically-bad documentation.

Is anyone out there who is Sphinx/pudoc/etc.-savvy enough to help me get going with this?

Me: ugh it’s too damn hot I feel like I’m going to die

Also me: *cranks up oven to 600Β°F to make a pizza*

CW PSA about the indie game "Everything" (late to the party) 

If you're sensitive to depression, hopelessness, and/or suicidal thoughts, don't listen to anything in the Golden Gate level. Everything in there is stuck reminiscing over their mistakes, and at least one is suicidal.

The one exception is the tutorial bubble that tells you how to leave. This has the usual tutorial icon, whereas everything else uses thought bubbles.

:boost_requested:, and feel free to tag others who need to see this.

you lost your right to complain about singular they/them ruining the english language when you let "brangelina" be a word for 11 fucking years now sit down

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Paper Mario: Origami King spoilers 

On the other hand at least Birdo finally got to kiss Mario and it wasn’t completely problematic

There is definitely a reading where it was making fun of her for being so thirsty but I’m pretty sure the humor is at Mario’s expense, not hers. At least I’m choosing to interpret it as she’s finally getting to be sexy on her own terms, and it’s only Mario who has a problem with it. You go, girl.

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