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food, drugs 

I finally got my piano bench cleared off so I could make music. 30 seconds later:

Support bandcamp artists now!

bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this friday, March 20

if you want to support artists/labels, they will get the full amount of any and all sales on that day

(Originally posted by @extinct)

I've added some "Community Copies" of Glittermitten Grove to our page on If you are experiencing financial hardship of any kind you can grab one for free, no questions asked.

uhhhhh what the fuck why is korg kaosillator on Android free right now??

go fucking grab it, it's normally £18

covid-19 (~), the layoffs at local rag The Stranger 

Anyway the pain seems to only worsen with movement and not with, say, breathing or whatever, so I’m pretty sure it is actually in the muscles in question.

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Also I’ve been pretty darn drowsy and dizzy a lot lately. Oh and I had a panic attack today after lunch so that’s fun.

I’d be doing a weed but I don’t want to do anything that’ll make my lungs more vulnerable, yknow?

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Parts of my body that are specifically on fire right now:

• upper back
• left shoulder
• right jaw

This has been the case for the last week and a half and it hasn’t been getting any better. Also hasn’t been getting particularly worse, at least. So there’s that.

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I am in rather a lot of pain right now. I could really use some massage therapy. Or maybe I’m having another embolism and this is actually referred pain. The joys of having a body and brain with screwed up pain response!

Yo, internet?

If you gotta go out, or order something delivered, be kinder than usual to the service workers you interact with.

Let 'em know, in your way, that you're on their side.

Choose the one which you think will get the fewest votes

I could have used more clear phrasing on the thing

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I’d have done 1-10 but my instance only supports four choices :(

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Pick the least popular one

ableism PSA 

so many people on this company-wide all-hands where people don't understand how to fucking not cause a goddamn feedback loop

I mean it's mostly just one person doing it but still, why can't people who aren't talking just mute? and why can't people use headsets if they're going to be talking?

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My project manager turned on a Zoom background and everyone else is amazed that this is a thing. When it's a thing that it literally prompts you for every single time you start it up.

Dang, people just do not have any curiosity about the software they use, huh?

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