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This is weird, in Pokemon Shield I have a Rolycoly who has evolved twice and both times it had the English name when it evolved on-screen (Carkol/Coalossal), but then in my party/box it shows up with the French name (Wagomine/Monthracite). I wonder why that happens.

when people in movies and junk turn into dragons its always like, "oh no, its so terrible, they've become the embodiment of their [envy/anger/greed] how do we fix this" and not like "wow you're a rad dragon now. i respect your life choices". i just think people should be more supportive

And no way am I going to move back to California. Or New Mexico (at least not while my parents are still alive).

So basically I like Seattle about 6 months out of the year. I need to go south for the summer and the winter. Or maybe in a few years I’ll feel like just uprooting my life again and moving somewhere else. Can’t really think of another city I’d like to live in, except maybe Portland and that’s not far south enough to really fix this seasonal affective problem.

Or maybe Austin but that’s too far south and those summers are MISERABLE.

Looks like Target shoppers took the term “door busters” literally this Black Friday

Ugh it’s already dark out at 4 pm. Three more weeks of it getting darker.

Then comes the six month lead up to me complaining how it’s still bright out at 9 pm

Had a lovely thanksgiving with my friends, and friends of theirs I need to make friends with.

pete buttigieg is literally just buster from arrested development

food, recipe discussion 

This seems to be the sort of business name that can really... well,

Please help my friend's sibling recover financially after experiencing fraud from a fake rental agency [PLEASE BOOST] 

Trans girls, especially pre transition, need to be told its okay to not feel like a girl all the time

Love grabbing a nearby windows laptop to do one quick thing and getting the lovely “hi we have some updates for you” screen. You couldn’t do this while this machine was sitting idle?!

This morning I woke up with a scene from a potential Unity story in my head and so help me I've written yet another outline for a storyline I'll probably never get around to

Ugh I’m having trouble making any music that I’d want to turn into a released track lately. My usual creativity lubrication tricks aren’t working either.

The intent might be to give it away but all I’m seeing is neighborhood cookout

Having one of those days where I’m asking myself the hard questions like “have I eaten anything today” and realizing the answer is “no”

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