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I've seen some people talking about the "No Code of Conduct". That the "internet is a big place, you should prepare yourself to deal with it."

It looks ~cool~, but there's a big problem: it put the burden on the victims of the harassment.

I have to wonder if these stock photo models ever see the articles that use their pictures

Anyway I made it home safely and then laid in a dark room for an hour and now I’m feeling vaguely adequate

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Basically I was driving home and then suddenly thought, “jeeze, does that asshole have their high beams on?” Then I noticed that all the OTHER lights were unreasonably bright too

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I guess it’s a good thing that I get migraines so rarely anymore that whenever I do it’s like the worst thing ever

someone on twitter helpfully pointed out that being an opensource piece of hardware the keyboard's firmware is also opensource

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I am so tempted to get a Pinebook Pro now that the US keyboard is available for ordering, but holy heck I do NOT like where they decided to put Delete and \.

Why couldn't they put ] where it belongs and then make delete Fn-Backspace like on most laptops?

Pet peeve: customer support people who look at your credit card information to decide what name to call you instead of respecting the name you set on your account

I wish email had a way of responding with a thumbs up that didn’t involve a full message to read. Sometimes I feel like modern chat media have the right idea.

ugh I don't feel like making dinner and I just noticed that the instant miso soup I bought a few weeks ago is full of MSG, which is a giant fibro trigger for me, so guess I'm not eating that anytime soon

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ugh I'm having a pretty bad fibro flareup today and can't maintain enough focus to actually make a track I like

I wonder how many humans are named Alexa and how much of a problem that causes them.

I wonder how many people have decided to name their kids Siri.


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Just... think about this.

There is a human being alive today who was born before the very first powered flight by a human.

Every airplane in the world - even in museums - postdates her.

Every helicopter was invented after she was born.

She was already middle-aged when ENIAC was completed.

She was in her 70s when the personal computer made its debut.

She was 93 when the first commercial DVD was sold.

She's still alive.

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well I mean the piano is also where I'm keeping my Ring Fit Adventure stuff because the ceiling in my gaming room is too low for video game pilates and the TV I use as an auxiliary monitor while at the piano is in a reasonable spot.

so tl;dr I need to clean some stuff up but I've spent more energy talking about what needs to be cleaned up than it would have been to just clean it up, but, y'know.

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also i'm in a candy coma right now but boy do i want to ready my studio for

I don't even have to do that much, just liberate my piano and drum kit from being a storage surface (for GeekGirlCon prep and prep, respectively)

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just got home from a halloween party so I figure halloween is basically over for me. Back to a more boring/practical profile name.

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