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The release of Windows 95 is closer in history to the original arcade release of Pong than it is to today.

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the release of the SNES is closer in history to Neil Armstrong walking on the moon than it is to today

I think I've spent more time installing Flash player updates over the last 5 years than actually watching anything that uses Flash player. Maybe it's time to finally just uninstall this.

This is an important piece. I'm glad that it's out there. If you are even vaguely interested in games, you should probably read this

Why is my sleep tracker giving me pregnancy advice? Does it know something I don’t?

When your browser start screen reminds you to take your meds

Ongoing pet peeve:

software that is project-based
the project file or folder does not include all the source files needed to build the end result
if you move the workspace folders which contain the project and the source files, the software can't find the source files anymore
they're still in the same relative locations
the project file stores ABSOLUTE PATHS instead of RELATIVE PATHS.

...and also it won't let you browse for the files -- so even if you know where they are, you have to manually reassemble the project. You've basically lost all your work.

Software Designers:
This Is Stupid.
Do Not Do This.


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Wow my post-vaccination flu-lite symptoms are a lot worse than usual this year. Just my luck I’d have a job interview scheduled for today. (It was scheduled after I got the shot and involves a remote conference with Australia so rescheduling would be inconvenient.)

Guess I’m gonna be subsisting on albuterol and chicken soup today.

So with that said! If you are able to, PLEASE get a flu shot, even if you think it “gives you the flu” (it doesn’t, it just gives a preview of the symptoms you’ll be missing out on), because that helps to protect people who can’t get the vaccine but are high-risk. Herd immunity is important!

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blizzard and corporate politics (-) 

Wish there were a way to get inoculated against the flu that didn’t give me flu symptoms for a day or two, but that’s still way better than getting the actual flu.

The joy of owning a cat where you step on a lump in a dark room and have to wonder if it's a bodily excretion or simply one of those catnip mice that occasionally reappear after a few months.

Boost if you agree.

I shouldn’t be so amazed by the amenities of this train but here I am, amazed

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OMG while approaching the seattle station I found out how it is that almost all the seats were facing forward on this train instead of having half and half be forward and backwards despite the train not going through a turn station: THEY PIVOT AROUND


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