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I’ve had “let us adore you” from the Steven universe movie stuck on my head ever since it aired. Such an ear worm.

holy SHIT i just encountered a site with a GDPR "we use cookies" warning and there were two buttons and they said "accept" and "decline"
and you could just ... hit decline? and it still let you look at the website? fucking amazing, rock on website dudes you're the real mvps

Wellp turns out that even if o drink it slowly a mixed drink is still enough to trigger my fibro pains, hooray

Oh neat, someone on the Keychron user group pointed me to Karabiner, which is basically xmodmap for macOS. It's working great and does exactly what I want!

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My Keychron K2 keyboards arrived last night. I'll write a fuller review after a few days with them but my quick takes:

• Really comfortable, wish there were dampeners on the Cherry Blues though (Browns aren't comfy to me)
• Amazing how a USB+Bluetooth mechanical keyboard can cost less than a typical USB-only mechanical
• Also wish I could remap the keys in firmware

Meanwhile if you're interested in getting one for even cheaper I have a referral link:

Eric Cartman was probably the worst thing to ever happen to popular culture

me at 11:15 PM: oops I'll finish this up and head to bed

me at 11:45 PM: oh it's late and I've started a different thing, bedtime

me at 12:15 AM: oh heh, gotta finish this other thing up now, bedtime

me at 1:15 AM: posting to mastodon about how bad I am about actually going to bed, again

This is freakin' cool. Fancier physically-based materials, using real-world samples

regular reminder that non-programmers are important for good free software

God the CN app is so bad

Finally watching Dark Crystal series instead

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Oh and there’s a bunch of Summer Camp Island I haven’t seen yet

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Bleh it’s not available yet.

But the Steven universe movie is on the CN app now

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I should clean my kitchen

Instead I'm gonna finally watch the OK KO finale

So, I'm doing homework, Spanning Tree Protocols, and they makes sure to note the inventor, Radia Perlman.
The wiki article has a poem about networking in it.
This is awesome and great to see women of tech recognized in my homework.

of course it's called it's neither rare nor well-done

a tumblr text post about the AIDS crisis summing up a lot of my immense disgust with certain attitudes about bisexuality

Alec Holowka, link (CWs under the cut) 

Steven Universe post-movie speculation (spoilers) 

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