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Tonight I'll be streaming the live show in Madison, WI at ! If you can't make it to Madison, at least try to make it to our channel.

i used to be really into having the newest computer gadget. now i use refurbished hardware. it's so much cheaper. it lasts. it reduces landfill waste. it's great, and i don't really feel like i am missing out on much tech-wise.

here are some tips if you need tech stuff but don't want to spend a lot of money, support horrible companies, and such (1/n)

The CVS turned out to be inside a real full-size Target. I hadn’t been to one of those in years! Not since leaving San Francisco, I don’t think.

Anyway, I acquired the nail file and toothbrush and also ended up getting some other toiletries I figured I’d get while I was here.

There’s actually a Walgreens that’s closer but fuck Walgreens.

For the lack of anything better to do I’m walking to the nearest CVS to get a toothbrush and nail file. That’ll kill a good hour or so.

Aw crud, I had left my room for a while and hung out in the “executive lounge” to give the housekeeping staff a chance to do my room but I forgot to take down the do not disturb sign. I hope I didn’t inconvenience them too much.

If they gave up on my room that’s fine, I don’t need them to make my bed for me anyway.

As usual most of the organizing is happening on Facebook and nobody's tagging me into conversations either which is REALLY ANNOYING

Okay I really should do something today other than napping in the executive lounge at the hotel, but I have no spoons for undirected exploration at the moment and no idea what else is going on with songfighters today. I guess most folks are arriving this afternoon?

Your semiregular reminder that when someone arguing against mass transit or rail infrastructure claims that a population 'chose cars' as if it were a freely made, individual decision with no coercion or institutional factors behind it, they're lying:

okay I think that I'll use this instance as my twitter crossposting target and as my "cool kids club" stuff.

The hell? I just felt something that is very much like an earthquake.

In Madison, WI.

Oh neat, this was hiding behind the “do not disturb” tag. turns out the naive interpretation was actually close to correct!

and yeah I definitely should have rented a car, OH WELL

The hotel restaurant’s name is Ben Venuto’s which is such a terrible pun.

Also there’s a very diva person who is acting like she owns the place and is frustrating the staff.

Anyway. Now to figure out what I’m doing for the rest of the day.

closing some dangling threads from earlier:

the author the bus driver was believing entirely too much is this guy: and his writings are a laundry list of every bad pop psychology/physiology/"EM radiation" thing from the last few decades

also Lyft is a lot more expensive here and maybe a car rental *would* have been cheaper after all :| :| :|

oh yeah also I forgot to pack a nail file, and guess who's in a nail-bitey mood right now

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