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Green Tea is Not Oxidized. (Or at least less oxidized than Black Tea.)
This we know.

But green tea WILL oxidize, quite quickly if it's wet. If you brew a pot of green tea and leave it over night it will be VERY dark in the morning, quite likely as dark as black tea (though a sort of dirtier color.) If you leave it longer it might even turn almost black.

Doesn't taste like black tea, though. It just tastes like bad, oxidized green tea.

This leads to two practical bits of wisdom:

(1) You /can/ brew black tea and simply put it in the fridge to cool off and get iced tea. You can do that with green tea, too, but the results will be inferior and the liquor an unappealing brown. Cold-brewing works better. I'm actually not sure why. Perhaps the heat of hot-brewing gives oxidation a headstart. Or perhaps hot-brewing extracts more of the chemicals likely to oxidize or that help others oxidize faster.

(2) If you wish to save tea leaves, just /leave them out in the open air to dry out/. Some people like to put them in a plastic bag and refrigerate them. Wet in the fridge will cause more degredation than cold and allowed to dry.


(This post brought to you by having remembered to drink the last cup of green tea in the pot and not leave it until morning.)

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Queer folk are better at putting together IKEA furniture than straight people. All that comedy from the 90s and 2000s about how hard IKEA furniture is to put together has proven to be entirely false.

Maybe it's more about communication, Chad and Bethany.

Finally got most of a full night’s sleep with my weighted blanket. I feel like I’ve been lifting weights all night long. I wonder if this is a way to improve my muscle tone, at least.

There's a style of devrel writing that goes like this:

👋 Hey folks! <bigcorp> has just released our 🔥 new API for developers!! 👀

🚀 25% faster
💪 Supports JavaScript and Ruby
🎉 Free for up to 2k requests per day

🏃 Go take a look at our new docs!! 📄 I am so sincerely excited about this!! ⚡

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A shitty song I threw together for Song Fight! this week 

A shitty song I threw together for Song Fight! this week 

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birthday plans 

birthday plans 

If you're a trans person, and you are worried that your body type isn't right or that you don't look like the cis people of your gender, remember:
We have all been lied to about what humans look like. We've all had the diversity of our species contorted and hidden away from us. We are all, cis and trans alike, forced to reconcile our own appearances with these lies. There are cis people who look just like you, who have the same insecurities about their appearances that you do, I promise.

i love stephen universe, my favorite character is lapras lesbian

Average brain: I should find someone to cuddle with to handle my touch starvation

Bigger brain: I could schedule a massage

Universe brain: or a skin cancer screening

Anyway the doctor said I was right to come in given my history and to come back if it gets worse.

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