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Hot take: when someone is posting a toot about a thing, they aren’t demonstrating the sum total of their knowledge in that thing’s subject domain.

Nor should they be expected to. Not every quip needs to be accompanied by an entire encyclopedia article or PhD thesis.

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it's funny how several of the most famous philosophers in history created intricate systems of classification for human activity to prove that philosophy is the most bestest one, isn't it? 🙄

argh, my linode's physical server has gone down. at least linode are supposedly on top of it.

Any HTML5 gurus out there know if there's a way to hint at a screen reader how to pronounce a word?

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people being shitheads about the black hole programmer science lady is both the least surprising thing in the world and also extremely infuriating

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judging by the ads I'm getting on YouTube lately it thinks I'm an 11-year-old with a job in construction

Reminder: concepts of what constitutes "consonant" and "dissonant" in music are cultural and learned, not innate to acoustics or perceptions.

I’m proud of us at work. One of the folks in our office was complaining about how hard it is for him to be in the office due to sensory issues and we’re all working together to find a good compromise on those issues while also navigating how they impact everyone else.

I have a suspicion that maybe one of my neighbors' units has some outlets on my circuit or something. Someday I need to test this theory by just turning all the power off to my unit and see if my meter keeps spinning.

jfc, just got my latest power bill and it's $200 for the past two months. how

Oh yeah also
• sunsets (and their colors)

I’m curious about how flat-earthers explain:
• time zones
• seasons
• why seasons are offset exactly 6 months in the south from the north
• the jet stream
• tides

It’s time to get up
And get my cats fed
Then I’ll have a shower
After I take my med

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