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I feel like I should have a better header image for my mastodon account. I was about to ask, “when you think of me what’s the first thing that comes to mind” but then my own brain interjected with “BEES!!!” so I think i know what to put there.

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So I guess today is the start of Bullshit Fucking Time. Ugh.

I’d somehow missed hearing anything about it this year and my first indication was waking up naturally at 8:30 (per my alarm clock), feeling happy about it, then seeing that it’s 9:30 on my phone and having some major “WTF!”

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I don't really get angry or outraged about accessibility, but it does make me sad. It makes me sad that the industry doesn't really prioritize teaching this thing, and it's only strongly adhered to if there is a looming legal threat. Open-source projects seem particularly hit or miss (mostly miss), since there is no expectation except that it looks okay and mostly gets the job done.

E.g. this is a sobering read on the state of web accessibility

Oh yeah the big takeaway I got tonight is I need to establish a streaming schedule, ideally three days a week but even just twice is better than “when I feel like it.” I’m thinking Tuesday and Saturday since those are generally free.

Anyway heading home now and I need dinner because I never had a chance to eat while there and I’m staaaaarving

I ended up meeting a few other music streamers and also got into a really neat conversation with someone who’s tracking the collegiate esports world. I’m glad I went and I’m definitely gonna keep going.

Also now I have an official twitch shirt so I can look extra dorky on my stream :)

Some dude just asked me if I’m an April so apparently I’m looking like someone who could be named that. Also people are complimenting my triforce necklace.

Right now they have an IP lawyer trying to give a serious talk about how IP works in a streaking context, while the bar is pumping really loud shitty techno music in.

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I’m back in seattle and under a cat. Gonna nap a bit begins the monthly twitch meetup that I’m gonna try out for the first time.

Oh yeah so spud said last night there was a representative from Microsoft there and she was looking at our brochure and saw my glamour shot, then looked back at me, then back to the glamour shot, and was clearly trying to come up with a question to ask. So spud interjected, “She’s a great resource,” and her response was “oh! Yes, I love seeing women in tech.”

Although the joke about unlocking a portable computing device with one’s “lip print” was oddly prescient (accidentally)

... or the rest of this episode which is basically a long series of Jew jokes


okay wow this joke about gay marriage did NOT age well

3. i switched to syfy because even shitty late-run futurama is better than everything else that’s on right now and why the crap is H. Jon Benjamin doing promo spots for Arby’s?

Look I mean I don’t want to say anything automatically disparaging about people making an honest living who happen to be in a small farming town but these are the instructions in the bathroom

ok being stuck i a hotel room with shit wifi means i'm watching cnn

1. volvo s60 is "daring" for offering a "subscription" to their car and isn't that what a heckin' lease is?

2. cnn is STILL going on about that missing malaysian airplane? jfc folks

The WiFi at the hotel has taken an enormous shit. So I’m stuck getting online through my cellphone. What a time to have decided to switch to a metered cellphone plan.

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