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I didn't know about Seattle's 211 shelter hotline until now! If you're in Seattle and see a homeless person in need of shelter call 211 and they'll try to get them somewhere safe and warm.

Or I mean it shouldn’t be too hard to set up snow cam on the windows machine either. Except I don’t really wanna.

Right now I only have the snow cam set up to work on my Mac and I don’t think my capture card is working so it’d have to be Mac games

Since it’s snowing again I might start some more streaming. It seems like my music doodling streams are more popular than my gamedev or hangout streams, anyone have any opinions? I suppose I could also play some cozy games too.

Kinda sad I didn’t get a chance to take a walk today but glad I didn’t take it at my usual time. Walking in settled snow: good. Walking through a snowstorm: hell

Glad I kept my time lapse camera going, as the snow has indeed started back up.

The university president has sent out a long message about how we dunno when or if campus is gonna be open this coming week. Whee. At least our snow day policy has changed such that I don't have to spend my vacation time.

Less “millennial,” more “childhood extremely represented by Robot Chicken”

Remember how in the late 90s/early 00s we were all “oh no, Java is a decent language, javascript has nothing to do with it and nobody really uses it?”

The sun is out and the snow has stopped for now. Still gonna work on some game dev, I think.

While in the shower I realized that since I'm using 5kplayer for the streaming I could actually use my development iPhone 6S as the camera, so now I have improved image quality.

The snow never let up last night and now it's gone from to . Here's a current view from my alley cam.

I'll probably start streaming again in, like, an hour or something. I'd just start streaming now but Twitch doesn't allow that I don't think.

The has started back up again in Seattle, so here comes my stream again.

yep, it's started snowing again, and it's a lot colder now so it's piling up a lot faster. Think I'll start my stream back up

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