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The sun is out and the snow has stopped for now. Still gonna work on some game dev, I think.

While in the shower I realized that since I'm using 5kplayer for the streaming I could actually use my development iPhone 6S as the camera, so now I have improved image quality.

The snow never let up last night and now it's gone from to . Here's a current view from my alley cam.

I'll probably start streaming again in, like, an hour or something. I'd just start streaming now but Twitch doesn't allow that I don't think.

The has started back up again in Seattle, so here comes my stream again.

yep, it's started snowing again, and it's a lot colder now so it's piling up a lot faster. Think I'll start my stream back up

also wow, because the initial snowfall only lasted for a few hours there's already people declaring that the weather people "cried wolf" when the predictions already called for there being multiple periods of snowfall, and also just because central Seattle hasn't gotten that much just yet doesn't mean other areas aren't being pretty heavily impacted (which they are)

anyway eating ice cream even though I already had cereal for dessert

oh for fuck's sake tonight i was in the mood for dessert and I FORGOT I BOUGHT ICE CREAM

ok wow the ifttt twitch notifications are VERY delayed, guess I'll just go back to manually posting them from now on

It's really important to let gender-questioning people know that you can just BE any gender you want, even if you're not particularly dysphoric. As long as you feel it would make you happier, then welcome to the trans party, friendo <3

spoilery steven universe shitpost 

seriously though has reality been taken over by BoJack Horseman's writers?

Better: a bitter Becker-Pecker peck-pic bicker

So not only did David Pecker pick a pic of Bezos' pecker, Bezos' lawyer is named Becker, so I'm looking forward to the upcoming better Becker-Pecker peck-pic bicker.

Oh dang, I am really close to making affiliate on twitch

Dangit, the IFTTT twitch thing didn't happen. I'm streaming random stuff while the happens!

or maybe I can get the WiFi remote stuff on my DSLR to work for once (ha, right)

Oh hm there's those tools to make macOS into an AirPlay target. I wonder if there's any free ones.

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