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Trans folks on Twitter, please boost this:

I want fucking Barclays Bank to finally fix (or at least acknowledge) this issue.

So it was raining and I asked Siri what the weather would be today. She showed rain all day. I asked her if she could stop it. This was her response.

And right then the rain stopped.

Let’s, uh, be careful what we say to her.

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Dysfunction truncheon, where is your luncheon?

And yet I also benefit from the rapid spread of information that does need to be sent and seen immediately.

Even though sometimes the call to action keeps spreading long after the resolution has already occurred.

There needs to be some way to ensure that edits and updates spread with the original message but without making that itself a means of abuse.

Or err on the side of slowing down, because things just move too fast for humans to keep up.

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It's important to notice your successes, instead of beating yourself up over shortfalls of what you wanted to do.

@fluffy I managed to do just that for the past half a year. It worked amazingly well. Gonna recommend it to everyone in 2019.

And yet I keep participating in this never-ending tire fire, constantly refreshing to try to get that next little hit of dopamine.

I really should take a social media vacation. It would be good for me.

Instantly-updating social media was a mistake.

A beautiful mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

I don’t think human beings were wired for the ability to post a musing to the internet and immediately have everyone else see it and respond immediately. Not at this scale, anyway.

This is why I prefer blogging, and want to get back to that as my primary social medium.

Wow I’m getting a lot of responses that are just “f”

Gamer culture means habitually saying “rip” in response to anything that can be construed as the slightest bit negative.

stop arguing about which computer is the best or which OS is the best. all computers are the worst. dont use them

So, anyone in Seattle interested in participating in a malaria vaccine trial? You can earn up to $1150 and you only have a 50% chance of getting infected with malaria. And if the vaccine works you won’t even get sick!

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