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I'm seeing a lack of pronouns in most of the new accounts' bios, so if you're new to the fediverse I'd like to politely ask that you consider adding them into your profile, it's important to normalise stating pronouns and it helps us all to respectfully address eachother properly xox

well Tumblr's blog exporter (exportr?) seems to be running incredibly slowly right now, I wonder why

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well on the plus side the healthcare field is starting to actually be supportive of trans stuff, but holy SHIT is the terminology they use problematic.

For example, Swedish Hospital gave me a diagnosis of "transgendered transsexual," and Kaiser Permanente now has "Uncomfortable with one's gender" on my record. (I'm totally comfortable with my gender! It just doesn't match the hormones my birth equipment produced.)

I never expected to hear “counting blue cars” by Dishwalla over the speakers at the grocery store.

So much for my youth.

oh for fuck's sake, my hat was in my backpack

oh well now I have another cute hat

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We might not need a new Tumblr/etc. so much as we need networks of techies who can support non-techies with running their own individual but interconnected sites. The co-op equivalent of Automattic (the company behind WordPress).

Community over convenience. Crafted over cheap. Care over content.

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Engaging in calendar discourse, the hot new trend of 5779

Also unlike SOME calendars I could name whose annual cadence is based on the political cycle of the Roman Empire, ours is based on farming cycles which is at least practical.

Also it’s way easier to measure the passage of time based on sundown than based on some imaginary transit point between sundown and sunrise. (And sunrise is for suckers.)

Anyway our calendar system is weird and archaic and makes no practical allowances for time zones or whatever but to be fair it’s also like 5800 years old, cut it some slack.

The term “day” is confusing when you have multiple calendar systems where the day interval starts at different points on each of them.

Doesn’t help when one of them varies based on precise longitude, latitude, and solar date too.

Also today is the first day of Hanukkah. Jewish holidays traditionally start and end at sundown (as does the date interval itself on the Jewish calendar) which can be very confusing to Western audiences. This is also why your grandma’s wall-hung calendar with cat photos shows today as being the start of Hanukkah despite everyone talking about the first night last night.

Similarly, the Jewish sabbath starts at sundown on Friday evening and lasts until sundown on Saturday.

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