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The other day the twitter discourse was about how American Reese’s peanut butter cups only get two cups per package. Yes, but,

It's been over 14 days since I filed the counter-notice and have yet to respond or to reinstate the work. I have sent them a followup per their policy.

I love how Wikipedia has infographics for *everything*. Here is a map of all counties in the US with a Whataburger.

I just got a Webmention from your site about my comics. Neat! Unfortunately the information is a bit outdated/weird. :) I've reorganized my site to make the comics work a bit better. For example, for all comics and for Unity.

So apparently this scooter is not supposed to be here. I wonder if someone drove it up from Portland or something. Any thoughts,

Streaming some musicmaking. Novembeat, then maybe work on the Brother Machine cover.

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I'm trying to record a cover of Space Cadet right now and I keep just breaking down in tears

I have the rough chords laid out though, maybe in a couple hours I'll feel ready to start recording. When I do I'll stream it.

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tbqh i mostly just miss the days when we talked to each other, mono a mono, or in small groups, and not just... broadcasting into the void.

thats what i miss.

i miss being able to connect with people, meaningfully, and not just go on a ramble to nobody at midnight. i miss being able to discuss deep or personal stuff with a trusted friend or two.

these days, it's all just... noise. meaningless noise.

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Logic's default icon for ambient background foley is a bit... unexpected.

None of these are attributes I would associate with the cheesesteak I just had.

I wish weed shops had contact settings between “no loyalty points ever” and “spam me every day with specials I don’t care about”

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