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on the plus side I did spend several hours installing system updates for all my things and then still not using them

I just spent all morning trying to legally watch the Doctor Who premiere on my actual heckin' TV and between every piece of tech either failing or being unable to negotiate HDCP I ended up just switching to my dang iPad.

Technology was a mistake.

Oh god I just had the best worst idea for today’s Inktober prompt (exhaust)

Also holy cow there's a lot of tracks in this project and I absolutely do not believe they were this well-organized during the actual recording session :)

Meanwhile I was poking around Logic stuff and found that there's an entire arrangement/mastering session of "Colors" by Beck in the demo projects for 10.4. Neat!

Of course absolutely *nothing* uses Logic builtins, making it less useful for learning, but oh well.

Frustrating thing is each individual component works fine on its own but all together they crash. And this includes opening my existing projects which use NI KK.

I can make new things that avoid KK for now but I’m so used to KK being part of my workflow now.

"The user manual contains some significant errors. Most of these are due to last minute changes to achieve a greater degree of compatibility with IBM's implementation of MS-DOS (PC DOS). This includes the use
of "\" instead of "/" as the path separator, and "/" instead of "-"
as the switch character."

it's always kind of interesting when you encounter a fossil trace of someone's Giant Mistake as it happened.

ugh, latest versions of Logic, macOS, and NI Komplete Kontrol are not working, in a "crashes on startup" way. Meaning I can't actually work on music right now. Frustrating!

Just to be clear I wasn’t making up a story, that is literally a thing I saw happen on my daily walk. I didn’t think to get video while it was happening.

This song just keeps on staying relevant and I should probably do a real recording of it someday.

Someone left a pizza on the sidewalk and there was a fat pigeon next to it. The pizza was way bigger than the pigeon could eat. Another pigeon came up and started to peck at it and the first pigeon fought it off, unwilling to share its random windfall.

For anyone getting Commodore 1541 disk drive advice from me: I was wrong here. 0: before the filename helps with the save-with-replace bug, which was caused by the 1541 having the ROMs of a double disk drive.

0: doesn't do anything about the drive head knocking against the case, which nothing helps with. Oddly, Commodore used a cheap-and-dirty scheme to get the head back to track zero. It would have the head move out 40 tracks, when a disk had at most 35 tracks.

okay I'm glad I stuck with Dragon Pilot. After the first few episodes it stops being so fetishy and starts becoming a really good story that was exactly something I needed right now.

that said my new policy is only $1/year more than the old one anyway (although the coverage limits are a bit lower but the old one's were also way higher than I needed)

I ended up going with Liberty Mutual because even though they were slightly more expensive they let me do all the signup and payment online and that was worth the extra $2/month compared to the other quotes I got, JFC

oh my god the calls keep coming

fuck off people i just want to get a quote online where i can compare shit directly and then get a policy without having to talk to anyone

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