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Going back to Twitter I now see the concept of "going viral" as what it actually is, a weird and unhealthy obsession actively encouraged by platforms through the frustratingly mysterious black box of their algorithims. And it's not like this is accidental either, this is gradual and deliberate social engineering on behalf of large corporations that transforms normal reasonable people into obsessive, dysfunctional content farms. We were never the consumer. We were the product.

It’s 10 years old though so there’s probably backlight issues.

PSA for Seattle tech friends: the Capitol Hill goodwill has a dell 2408WFPb monitor for $20. Decent 2008 monitor with a crapton of inputs, including composite, s-video, and component. Also it’s 1920x1200.

Wanderfish poké bar has been closed for quite some time with a sign just saying “stay tuned for something exciting and new.

Well there’s finally a new sign up, and the poké bar is being replaced with...

...another poké bar.

So ridiculous how guys see handling pain as manly when I’ve had WAY more physical pain to deal with just as part of my post-transition hygiene regimen than I ever had to deal with before.

Dudes think life is pain? Try waxing your upper lip.

That said the Black Friday price for the Ultimate upgrade will probably cost the same as buying the modules I want so that’s still a compelling notion.

I can definitely wait 2 months for that though.

... and komplete 12 standard doesn’t have any of the modules I was planning on getting and I’m not all that interested in upgrading to Ultimate. Black Friday sale it is.

Okay the MkII doesn’t ship until after my return window on the MkI closes and I can’t be without a keyboard for that long. And nothing about the MkII is compelling enough to make that worth it anyway.

Komplete 12 looks great though, I’ll probably upgrade to that when the Black Friday sale happens (since it has a bunch of modules I was thinking of getting anyway). Or maybe I’ll see what the normal upgrade price from 11 is.

Of COURSE the native instruments S88 MkII would come out right after I finally bought the MkI. Now I have to decide if it’s worth upgrading...

I still have a return window on the MkI at least.

she says: "I'm fine"
she's thinking: "I wonder if there's anything etymologically relevant about the fact that of the four humours, phlegm was supposedly responsible for one having a 'cold' personality and maybe that's why we say we've 'caught a cold'"

I fucking love trans people so much.

I don't know anyone other group who do honestly and joyfully pursues *who they are*, what they want, as trans people. I'm not even talking about in gender. So many of us have, in realizing we can break out of our assigned gender, realized that none of the boxes we are forced into have to apply. We patch together amazing, unique selves out of our real, honest interests and desires. Its so fucking beautiful.

So apparently there's a famous Scottish politician who also goes by "fluffy" and I'm getting a lot of Brexit-related mentions lately as a result. I have nothing to do with Brexit or UK unification or Scotland aside from being fond of plaid.

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