online multiplayer jerks 

A gentle suggestion for newer trans folks 

George Washington 🀝 Sir Mix-A-Lot
and cherry trees and big butts

@bstacey It is really useful and I wish it were also visible on the non-web-client view.

@sg yeah I was a heavy user of pwm and it was so good. I had written some simple tools to let me do almost everything from the keyboard, and having pervasive tabs at the WM level was nice. And I didn’t want minimize or maximize buttons and I was glad to not have them! (Instead I had a crap ton of workspaces I flipped between - and it was fast and responsive, unlike β€œspaces” on macOS.)

I really miss that flexibility.

@sg weird thing is Linux used to be great for accessibility in that you could make the UI behave pretty much any way you wanted. I had a great accessible setup back in the early 2000s. Unfortunately then Gnome happened and pretty much overnight everything in Linux turned into a bad clone of Windows.

Windows is also moving to a signed binary model. β€œWindows Defender” makes lots of software not run without even worse contortions by the user than on macOS.

Since our answer is not to be found in culture, perhaps we should look to changes a little bit more... material.

Some historians provide an exact date for the beginning of the renaissance (also known as the early modern era): 1492. This date is notable for two things: the rescue of Christopher Columbus's lost-ass ship by native americans, and the violent expulsion of Muslims and Jews from current-day Spain.

Windows got a lot better about this stuff with XP (well, NT in general). While macOS has had a slow steady decline over the past 10 years, and ever since Mojave it's gotten really fragile.

once upon a time, I'd have to reinstall Windows once a year, but macOS would just keep on trucking no matter what. Now it's the other way around, and it's getting so maddening. If only I actually liked using Windows. :P

@notimetoplay oh, sure. and lots of languages provide alternate syntax that's a bit more sensible, like C#'s foo[x,y] syntax (which IIRC Pascal used too?)

@notimetoplay It's also not even a very good idiom in C, because it doesn't do anything to guarantee that the rows are contiguous in memory and the underlying detail of what `a[n]` on its own means can be incredibly variable depending on how it was actually declared. And it's also a minefield of confusion.

Also this is an end of an era for me: I am decommissioning my last remaining FireWire device! You had a good run, IEEE-1394

Finally upgrading my desktop to Catalina, since my new audio interface arrives today. Amazingly enough the installer only detected a single incompatible app, an old version of PICO-8.

also love how while clearing out the storage under the sink I came across what looks quite a lot like mouse droppings, but I see no other signs of mice or any way that mice could be getting in or out

ghost mice I guess

or maybe there's a fun little surprise waiting behind the old cabinets

I mean I know how I got so many and they are ironically from prior workplaces β€œwaste reduction” incentive programs.

Like β€œwe don’t want to keep buying disposable cups so we’re giving everyone a reusable water bottle.” And I am pretty sure I got way more of these water bottles than I ever got disposable cups.

how do I keep on accumulating so many water bottles

they're all nice ones but I don't need, like 20 of them

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