@heyheather I have so many pet peeves with how platypodes are drawn so yes please look at a picture of a real one

πŸ‘ @estark37@twitter.com debunks the β€œpeople will always click β€˜yes’ when asked” mythβ€”especially interesting in the context of Project Fugu 🐑 is the part on permission prompts: emilymstark.com/2020/07/14/deb. Hopefully we can expose more data on prompts in the @ChromeUXReport@twitter.com.
(CC: @rick_viscomi@twitter.com)

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uspol, covid-19, Trump, masks, + 

@porsupah yeah it’s always been about what he saw as electability stuff, which he tied to the economy over all else. Not realizing you can’t have an economy if we’re all dead.

@mod video encoders are optimized for live action and have always had problems with neat things :(

uspol, covid-19, Trump, masks, + 

@porsupah wish he’d done this four months ago

URGENT: Black gay man in RI seeks safe housing 

American Descendant of Slaves (ADOS) Black immunocompromised gay man seeks safe housing ASAP due to antiBlack violence from roommates.

You can EMAIL qtma.pvd@gmail.com with leads,


You can DONATE to

Make sure you SPECIFY that your donation is for "ADOS Black gay man seeking housing" so the funds can be allocated correctly.

Image description provided.

@Balina so this makes a lot of sense, and also explains why I was briefly but very into hyper before I ended up settling into more comfort with nullification/neutrois instead.

@mod oh dang I had no idea Perl 6 had been renamed. Maybe this will make it seem more like a reasonable language to learn and not a compatibility-breaking joke.

feeling incredibly called out/hyper-specifically marketed to by this image on the Apple iPad information page

"The Permissions Based Web" by Sam Sneddon thereshouldbenored.com/posts/p

Good post. It's worth thinking about whether permission prompts are actually good enough.

Here is a link to the wishlist for my isolation 30th birthday as a few people asked me to post it here:

(My birthday is Tuesday 21st July)


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chronic illness 

Me: can I just do [literally anything] please
My body: hahaha no

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@Kye I've been really impressed with my Intel NUC, although I haven't done anything GPU-heavy with it.

@Kye Ah, and maybe the ARM ones will be significantly cheaper or a better option comes along in the meantime.

if he were alive today i believe walt disney would approve of disneyland reopening because he was a greedy bastard and a horrible cunt.

signal boost, seattle, housing aid 

This person, who worked on numerous games, some of which you might have played and enjoyed, is about to become homeless.


@Kye You might want to wait for the ARM ones to come out, since it's unknown how long the Intel ones will continue to get updates but it probably won't be 10 years


Today I was reminded that Nina Paley is a TERF, and in trying to look it up I found that she actually has an entire category on her blog called β€œTERFy” so I mean she isn’t even denying it, she’s proud to be one.

I regret ever giving her money for Sita Sings the Blues even though even at the time I thought she was being disingenuous about her copyright stance (and since then I feel like she’s made free culture her Thing for duplicitous reasons)


@porsupah yeah, also probably easier for humans to maintain

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