Question for those of you who speak an English dialect where it's "zed" rather than "zee:" How does your alphabet song go? Do you even have an alphabet song?

...Is making it rhyme the reason Americans say "zee" instead of "zed?"

Mandela effect, old Disney math movies, tf 

Sleeping with my door closed and my cats on the other side of it works well, except every morning Fiona starts chirping in what sounds like her trying to figure out the right phoneme to magically open it.

Then after a while she starts outright crying at me the instant she hears me make any noise at all.

@fool @djsundog reminds me of a short-lived jazz ensemble I was in. We were called Schrödinger’s Kitchen.

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@hellojed oh yeah spud mentioned that to me when he got back online

I should get you two talking again about job stuff

how to feel old 

@Taris @fillertrack of course! Cheers ends after only three seasons, therefore the Cold War never ends and ends up escalating until WW3 causes the mushroom cloud that creates the Lich and unleashes magic on the world. It all makes sense.


@noelle yikes, when did that happen? last I was aware he was against Trump

@fillertrack What if it's an alternate version of Cheers where it was always Diane and Frasier never happened?

@chucker also weirdly enough I’m not getting notifications for your replies and I’m only noticing them when I look at the thread via public web. I don’t have you muted or blocked or anything, and other users can reply to me just fine. This is really strange.

@chucker Other than that it does seem like it would be perfect though, so I've submitted feedback about this basic missing feature and hopefully they decide to implement it.

@chucker Brushes seem about on-par with Photoshop, but it's missing some very basic functionality for doing my flat fills - like there's no way to magic-wand or flood-fill with "all layers" as a sample source. That might be what I ran into before as well.

@chucker Oh looks like there's a 14-day trial, and it might actually have a better text tool than Photoshop? Okay I'll try it out again.

@chucker Oh, I only own Acorn 4, and it was incredibly disappointing and I'm not going to spend another $30 to upgrade to Acorn 6 just to be disappointed again.

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