Rant - RPGs Nowadays Act Like Women Don't Exist 

Rant - RPGs Nowadays Act Like Women Don't Exist 

Rant - RPGs Nowadays Act Like Women Don't Exist 

Query on American History and Prohibition? 

tech recruiters 

Update: I ended up just drawing it myself after all. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest, though!

Thinking about it a bit more, I think I'd rather have an ultra-flat/lineless style. Maybe with a bit of texture to look like construction-paper cutouts.

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@impiaaa After the last few years of mostly doing Python and Lua I have to say, I think my next C++ project (if any) will probably be done using the keyword bool operators. It's so much more readable.

@djsundog @impiaaa Also a good point! That was already falling by the wayside even when I was a kid.

@djsundog @impiaaa We still buy "albums" of music even though the original reason they're called that has gone by the wayside.

Well, okay, those of us who still buy albums do, anyway.

@starkatt But in the case of live-action film they get the "realism" essentially for free, by merit of it being (essentially) reality that they're filming. And then of course there's the uncanny valley to contend with.

But photorealistic rendering techniques are also getting way more widespread, and I think we're starting to see photoreal-ish rendering get more stylized within a game.

Super Mario Odyssey is a good example of a PBR engine with very stylized visuals.

@impiaaa yeah I reached adulthood in the era when CRT TVs and giant cable boxes were still (barely) the norm and this was absolutely the intention.

@hellojed and a subsidiary to 2K Games, no less. *Someone* has to know.

nonbinary trans rant 

@starkatt Yeah, and also like 3/4 of the sellers are now just reselling "hand-made" stuff from sweatshops in China :(

also here's a collection of the Red Bull cartoons. like, not EXACTLY like this but this is in the direction of what I'm looking for. ispot.tv/brands/dvz/red-bull

basically it should look like something that wouldn't be out of place on 70s/80s Sesame Street.

Here is the rough/inept sketch of what I want. (red text is notes to the artist, not something I want visible in the end product)

incidentally I seem to have forgotten how to draw, which is okay because Photoshop seems to have forgotten how to work well

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