@starfall @a_breakin_glass I have now been made better aware of things and I fully support the black trans flag.

@cassolotl @eldang The black stripe originally represented the violence and discrimination black trans people experience and the flag was to be a symbol to call out those injustices. Raquel Willis has also said "Black is queer. Black is trans. Black is non-binary. Black is gender-expansive" (but not specifically in context about the flag). So, we know where the designer stands on those points, and people are bearing the flag with the intention that black replaces the white as more inclusive.

@starfall @a_breakin_glass I didn't see the original stuff. I only saw second- and third-order discourse. I didn't have enough context.

This is a recurring issue with social media, especially on mastodon, but in general.

I am fine with the black trans flag, especially if it is explicitly nonbinary-positive. The takes I'd seen about it all implied or outright stated that it wasn't.

I've been so frustrated by social media and discourse tendencies for so long now and I feel like today was a last straw for me. My therapist has been highly recommending that I take a break from all of it and, well, yeah finally listening to her.

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everyone's tired and mad and I get that and we all need a lot of change

but let's try to be kind to each other instead of assuming bad faith always

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love how everything is about "sides" and even compromise is a side that everyone hates

just fuck all this fucking shit

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the other day I had a weird issue with my NAS and my desktop only communicating at 100Mbps, and it turned out that one of my cat5e cables was, for some reason, only transferring at 100Mbps. I figured the cable was bad and set it aside for disposal.

Today I looked at it closer and it turns out it only has two twisted pairs inside, and is, therefore, not at all cat5e. Now I wonder where I got this cable from, because the sleeve markings sure look legit!

Remember when β€œI’m coming down with a case of Corona” just meant β€œI’m bringing shitty beer to the party?”

@nolan I really like Synology because for the most part it takes the complexity out of storage management and it also lets you mix and match disk sizes to incrementally upgrade your array. And some models also let you expand further with more drive bays, should you need it.

I keep thinking I have enough space but then I end up running out. Just yesterday I increased my NAS capacity to 20TB (after redundancy).

My archive goes back decades and grows exponentially.

@nolan I use a Synology as a local RAID NAS and back up my computer to it, and also back my computer and the NAS up to Backblaze B2. I’m aggressive about replacing disks as they go bad. I also hope that the stuff I’ve made ends up being collected by others; I have no expectation that my things will survive me unless other people have any interest in them.

Out of curiosity I decided to see what happens if you plug a MacBook Pro into itself via USB-C.

It sees itself as being connected to power, and also as powering something else. And it also sees a Macintosh as being connected to itself.

I'm not sure whether to feel disappointed or relieved at how anticlimactic it was.


I also give entirely no fucks about Apple One or Fitness+.

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Also I’m vaguely tempted to upgrade my watch to get the SPO2 meter. Seems especially useful these days. But I just upgraded my watch a year ago and that’s a lot of money just to get one nice-to-have feature.

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I do wonder if the side TouchID button on the Air is a sign of things to come with the next iPhone. Or maybe they’ll finally borrow another thing from Google and put it on the back. The touch sensor placement is approximately the only thing I actually like about the Nexus 5X.

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Also the feature differences between the Air and Pro are enough that I don’t mind having them.

New Air looks like it might be a bit faster but honestly CPU speed isn’t the big driving factor for me on an iPad, as long as its fast enough for drawing and basic video stuff (and the iPad Pro is plenty fast).

Plus, FaceID is still a lot nicer than TouchID, at least on an iPad which I’m mostly using indoors and maskless.

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