This Medium article also highlights some of the inherent classism in Tidying Up vs. Hoarders and is a pretty good read from a financial privilege perspective:

@anthracite @kellerfuchs @Almafeta counts as an FTP site, I suppose. And I totally forgot about Avatar.

Wow I think I found a bug in @tootapp guess I’ll report it

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@aredridel also yes we already realize it, it’s not bringing any new insights

@codl in Infosec circles this is called “wish-it-was two-factor”

really it’s just a second password that’s less secure than the first.

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Making “passion” a requirement to get or a keep a job (I’ve seen this at startups too) means losing out on talented people. It makes workers question whether they belong on your team if they aren’t feeling or demonstrating enough enthusiasm.

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Making videogames should be able to be a perfectly mundane 9-5 job.

“Passion” shouldn’t be a requirement.

People don’t have to be head-over-heels in love with what they’re making to be good at their jobs.

@matt @sixohsix oh god I know someone who does that as his main source of income and he’s kind of a terrible person in many respects. He also screwed me out of his half of a work trade.

@Melody the problem is that it’s one of their featured shows, which appears regardless of my viewing preferences, and they promote it to everyone. It’s less me being recommended the show on Netflix and more that everyone is talking about it and suddenly a clutter guru.

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@fluffy If you feel like laughing a bit at the idea…

"How many of your spoons produce deep joy and fulfillment in you when you eat groats with them? Two, at most. Give the rest away on the street while dressed in strips of linen and crying hysterically. Hold the remaining two spoons against your belly and laugh as hard as you can. Harder than that. Spoons should make you laugh from your knees."

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