I'm finally watching Black Panther. I wonder if SoundCloud paid for product placement in the casino scene.

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Finally made it to Snoqualmie Falls.

@Azure I doubt that 1 is true, and 4 seems to be the most likely given that most video “documentation” is just people stumbling through a thing until it works without explanation of what they’re actually doing.

So I’ve been making a bunch of black garlic, which mostly involves running my dehydrator for three weeks. I only started it yesterday and my home smells incredibly of garlic, to the point that I had many weird dreams about garlic last night.

@lifning oh god don't let Charlie Brooker see this toot

Every now and then I find something in my mp3 library which makes me wonder how I ended up with it...

and every now and then I find something where I don't care, I just want it gone.

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@lifning GDI I love splatoon online because it’s so low-stakes but shitty people can’t even keep from ruining THAT

@joshmillard but the recent revelation that Toadette grows up to become Peach makes it obvious that Peach IS a mushroom person and she just ate the royal jelly.

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Hey, anyone here ever shop at NCIX?

You should contact your bank ASAP, they left all their *unencrypted* customer data on hard drives in a warehouse somewhere in Canada and the data was sold by the warehouse's landlord to sketchy buyers... privacyfly.com/articles/ncix_b

Game Workers Unite released a statement on the Telltale layoffs. Anyone who has any interest in a healthy games industry should read this (and anyone who works in the games industry should consider joining).


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@NowakVulpix @chuck oh definitely, I didn’t agree with him on that at all, and it didn’t take long for me to quit.

I mean the dude was skeevy in a lot of ways and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been subject to at least a few sexual harassment suits since then.

@chuck @NowakVulpix I mean about it being industry standard, not about it being okay

@chuck @NowakVulpix fortunately this particular ISV is long gone but unfortunately I suspect he may have been right.

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