@Taweret @matt I believe it, one of my friends has a cat with a weirdly human face

@matt @valrus I always interpreted it as him dreaming he was a Viking and never considered any other meaning

@philgyford I feel like the telephone sanitizers all pivoted over to being social media managers

@backwardsflow I really wanted to get into competition play on that but I seemed to only get matched up against top-tier players from Japan and have laggy connections that drop on me :/

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oblique mention of food, also it’s one of those annoying con posts where someone shows off a photo of all the stuff they got Show more

I finally got around to doing my taxes. Even with my ridiculously complicated 2018 tax situation Credit Karma Tax was pretty easy, and completely free, thank fuck. creditkarma.com/tax

@millenomi @gewt although I guess the templating system is also kind of programmery. But in theory you could design your templates in dreamweaver or frontpage and then add the template markup. Which was also a thing I loved about Movable Type.

@millenomi @gewt this is a big part of why I designed Publ the way I did, although I still need to figure out how to make it easier for Everyday People to actually use it.

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I’m angry that the industry collectively decided that authoring HTML is not the domain of Everyday People anymore.

@amberf @SuzanEraslan Dan(ielle) Bunten is a sad case, she was a video games pioneer (best known for MULE) who transitioned and was quite happy, but then her family pressured her into detransitioning and then she died of cancer and now it’s only her shitty family who controls the narrative.

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@fluffy the internet is awesome at missing the point/letting you know it’s opinion, whether you want to hear it or not.

@hi_cial Sox can do this but heck if I can remember how offhand.

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The Twisty Snake Toy is way more fun than it should be.

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Dear fediverse: different people have different needs

@djenderesensjuelist @rey that’s fair, for instructional and tutorial stuff. But the problem for me is that I need searchable text and YouTube transcripts only do so much (especially when they’re auto generated).

Also I have trouble staying focused on most videos, and I’m usually looking for one specific thing that tends to get buried or elided.

FWIW I have severe RSI-related pain but find that pressing the space bar to scroll down isn’t very strenuous.

Also since this toot seems to be getting big, please consider checking out my music and comics and stuff at beesbuzz.biz

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