@Ferrovore It'd be even more amusing if skin tone didn't even register either, because like. hey plumage changes colors all the time! or something

Of course instead of a friendly sloth I take these to a too-small composter that will take forever to break them down into fertilizer.

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If playing Animal Crossing for hundreds of hours has prepared me for anything it's this

It's fucking time we stop policing poor people for how they spend their money!!!!!

From the moment you decide to give money to someone, it's not your business what they do with it!!!!

Poor people deserve things that make them happy!


@chimerror Maybe do some clustering? quality threshold clustering can be really useful for this sort of thing


@weird_hell RMS is someone who serially takes advantage of other people’s perceptions that he is too much of a genius to be reined in

I don’t care if it’s malice or ignorance, he’s gotten too many free passes and has shown 0 signs of improvement despite his claims to the contrary

At work we finally hired a manager for my team (the previous one quit right before I started in September).

I mentioned this to a friend and said β€œand she was at Cray before, so hopefully she knows something about high-performance computing.”

My friend’s response: β€œCray? I haven’t heard of them”


re: gender & media, nb characters 

@starkatt I did sort of justify it to myself on the basis that this was to get the generally-cis audience on board with things and at least they finally had some gender variance that just IS, and wasn't part of some attempt at weird role-reversal moralizing like they did a few times in TNG.

gender & media, nb characters 

@starkatt I have such mixed feelings about how they handled Adira's gender yeah. I did appreciate that Adira was clearly very uncomfortable being referred to as she/her and when they finally did figure it out they said "they/them actually" and the rest of the season everyone stuck to it, but it'd have been nice if they could have been they/them all along.

gender & media, nb characters 

dear assorted writers of the world: if you wanna have a character use they/them or neos or something, just have folks use those pronouns from them from the get-go. At most, maybe an initial miss-assumed pronoun and a correction.

Definitely not one set of pronouns only to be like "oh they/them actually" (unless it's a reflection of the character realizing things about themselves over the course of the story). 'Cause, that's a great way to make audiences cache one gender and then implicitly think the character is always "basically a girl" or whatever.

looking at you, ST:Discovery.

@srol You freeze them and they become awesome. Those were very popular where I grew up, and I see them in the Asian markets here too.

They're basically Otter Pops but even more of an environmental catastrophe.

Unpacking update:

β€’ Finally almost done in the bedroom
β€’ Kitchen is sorta usable but still has a ways to go
β€’ Living room still a fucking disaster
β€’ Basement is just like whatevs at this point (but I really should at least set up the 3D printing station and at least try to get stuff organized)

Penzeys spices haul 

@Cyannin Nice! I love their Bangkok blend

So I got a sit-stand desk from Monoprice, which is pretty great, except the lowest position was a little too high when I sit. So I added on a clamp-on keyboard tray to move the keyboard down a little (which also makes room for my Wacom tablet, in case I ever feel like doing comics ever again...) and now the desk's highest position is a little too low.

So basically I don't know what body size this desk is supposed to fit.

lo-fi jingle cats beats to chose and crochet to

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