Why I need to stop looking in the window of the pawn shop on the way to work

Once again, holding out on the bargain bin at QFC worked in my favor.

So it was raining and I asked Siri what the weather would be today. She showed rain all day. I asked her if she could stop it. This was her response.

And right then the rain stopped.

Let’s, uh, be careful what we say to her.

UPS, no! BAD delivery service! BAD!!!

They’re pummeling me with sleep rays and I can’t stay awake much longer

Help I’m being held captive and being forced to skritch

I’m at the Lifelong thrift store. It turns out that THIS is The Bad Place. queer.party/media/6tO9z-Gckxoj

And this is why I shouldn’t look thigh the pawn shop window on my way to work queer.party/media/6b0xFKK2LcOI

I feel like @Austin_Dern should have something suitably snarky to say about this comic

People are really liking my mug posts so here’s a memento from my time at HBO. (The front used to say “shopping is my cardio” but I modified it.) queer.party/media/IganwOIzLi8x queer.party/media/zJJZe7i0MBno

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