My office is pretty dark since there’s no windows. Lately I’ve been shining a work lamp against the wall to get more indirect warm light in my office room and it feels like it helps. I definitely notice a difference when I turn it off, anyway.

Still no substitute for going outside but every little bit helps.

COVID-19 sports news with a juvenile tendency 

smh at an online survey asking me if I ever use the Internet

food, drugs 

I finally got my piano bench cleared off so I could make music. 30 seconds later:

food mention 

The Easter bunny is so last century. Now it’s time for

One of the hardest parts of taking care of an elderly cat is resisting the urge to hug and squeeze and pet him when he’s just trying to get some dang sleep

misgendering, selfie w EC 

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Anyway I’m at Daiso where I belong. They had storage bins exactly like I was looking for and only $1.50 each. Also a comically tiny whisk. I have to assume Andrew Rea (Binging with Babish) is responsible, somehow.

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These birbs are hilarious. They saw that I was eating a very crumbly pastry and every time I dropped a crumb on the ground they waited for me to step back so they could swoop in and grab it. Eventually they started just coming up really close to me and got pretty fearless. Then when I finished the pastry they started hopping around me trying to get me to give them some more.

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