If playing Animal Crossing for hundreds of hours has prepared me for anything it's this

So this is my connection over wifi. When I get wired ethernet (tomorrow, hopefully!) it should be even better.

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I unplugged my Synology NAS 10 minutes ago and the power brick light is still glowing. Obviously there’s no current bleed resistor inside.

Who wants to bet whether it’s still glowing when I unpack it on Thursday?

Here we go.

First picture: the walk-in closet in my bedroom

Second picture: the utility closet under the stairs. All the stuff still in there is gonna stay here, it's mostly just like spare parts for the cabinets and whatever (there's some other stuff to put in there too)

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Smol insect friend(?) 

Anyone know what kind of bug this is? I’m assuming it’s innocuous and hopefully isn’t something I need to worry about right now when I’m about to move all my stuff somewhere else.

okay you know that meme about using wildly inappropriate controls for entering a phone number? I found a legit site which does that for zip codes. moovers.com/

And not the best performance but I did wel considering I haven’t even attempted a new-scale 11 before. And I’m high.

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Apparently I’m better at DDR when I’m slightly high.

I also haven’t attempted this particular level in at least 15 years so

Somehow it took a whole year to get an age-restriction flag against my PokΓ©ball cannabis grinder video. youtube.com/watch?v=i6d1Ez0CNt

(I'm fine with it, I'd have marked it as not for kids myself if YouTube gave me the option!)

Today the VESA mount for my Mac mini arrived, so I can mount it to the back of my monitor.

See if you can spot the problem, though.

Survey really needs a β€œnone of these.”

Also why the heck is the recording light on? Is the YouTube app now recording my camera while I try to answer the advertising surveys?

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