Somehow it took a whole year to get an age-restriction flag against my PokΓ©ball cannabis grinder video.

(I'm fine with it, I'd have marked it as not for kids myself if YouTube gave me the option!)

Today the VESA mount for my Mac mini arrived, so I can mount it to the back of my monitor.

See if you can spot the problem, though.

Survey really needs a β€œnone of these.”

Also why the heck is the recording light on? Is the YouTube app now recording my camera while I try to answer the advertising surveys?

And I didn’t feel like posting 6 but here’s 7 because I felt monochromatic. Also I hecked up and miscounted the candles at first which is why the leftmost one is longer (I added it later)

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Feeling incredibly called out by this ad right now


Wow, ad targeting has gotten really good, huh?

Maybe not the most impressive DDR feets/feats but I'm already back at my mid-2002 levels, at least

(Also don't let the "easy" designation lie, these are IMO the two hardest songs in DDRMAX and even on "easy"/standard they're both pretty grueling)

Night 3. There’s some weird heckin’ air currents because I have the heat on.

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Night 2

I am not religious but I light the menorah anyway. It signifies that we survived and that this home is safe.

For a long time I didn’t bother with it, but that changed in 2016 and I have done it every year starting then.

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I'm messing with ArrowVortex instead of actually working on work. WINE isn't working under Big Sur so I started making some tracks on my annoying crappy Windows 10 laptop but then I decided to see if I could get audio working over xrdp on my NUC, and it does, and so now I can run ArrowVortex (indirectly) on my Mac and it works pretty well.


I made prosciutto-wrapped turkey meatloaf, crispy smashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts. All for me and me alone. Tastiest thanksgiving I’ve ever had, and all mine. Mwahaha.

(I used premade lingonberry jam instead of cranberry sauce though. I make amazing cranberry sauce but I just couldn’t bring myself to bother for a solo meal.)

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