IMPORTANT DISCOVERY: Safari's Touch Bar video controls ignore whether fast forward/rewind are allowed in an HTML 5 video. Which means on a MacBook you can use it to skip forced ads on YouTube!

Me at the beginning of my walk home from work: I think I’ll cook some dinner tonight, maybe Huevos Rancheros or something of moderate effort

Me by the time I get home:

probably my best accomplishment on twitter so far

Me: I already have enough cute socks

Also me: I want one of everything

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Look I mean I don’t want to say anything automatically disparaging about people making an honest living who happen to be in a small farming town but these are the instructions in the bathroom

This is the weirdest bar band I’ve been subjected to this week.

Two guitars and a tuba playing mariachi music.

Anyway the film shoot is over and I had some fun chats with the videographer about gear. And here is one last photo from the venue. Moo.

“So what are you doing in Quincy?” you might ask.

Remember that AR company I am part of? We have a gig to produce a mixed-reality app for their farming museum. And the local high school class is now here to record parts for the live action portion.

UW Medicine has an annual "veggie madness" bracket tournament and it's just groanworthy enough that I'm gonna sign up.

I think my building is good on snow shovels for a while

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The incoming ticket queue at work sure gets a lot of weird spam.

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