So the way to get a Detective Pikachu in Pokémon Go is to have him photobomb an AR photo of another Pokémon.

Turns out he doesn’t discriminate.

here's another dang song I've been working on

it's about life stuff

Tweaked "Delicious Candy" some more. Whee!

Also if you are on SoundCloud I'd appreciate likes/boosts

Ended up working on this some more today. It's funny how much I feel like polishing the music for this game given some meta stuff going on around it but I want to have something good to release somehow anyway.

Oh and here's another one of the songs from the OST, although the mix on this one probably needs to be redone from the ground up since it's gotten kinda cruddy after too much turd polishing. This is the main theme and it doesn't have a title beyond that.

Okay here it is encoded somewhat better and oh yeah I fixed some of the more egregious notation mistakes too oops

and I'm liking the way it resolves now I guess?

Okay I moved that modulation to the middle chorus where it already has a hanging resolution, and restored the final chorus to the base modulation, which I *think* sounds better? Gah I dunno, I've been too close to this song for ages now.

Here's some of the music for one of the VNs I've been doing the soundtrack for. This track is entitled "Delicious Candy (Every Anime Theme Song)"

We’ve had a catastrophic separation! Is there a topologist in the house?

They made it all the way to order-5!

That’s 1024 tetrahedrons, each with at least one balloon. Holy cow.

At they are building a giant balloon Sierpinski pyramid. Or at least trying to, but wind and popping is causing trouble.

Still, they managed to make it pretty close to order-5 and that’s dang impressive!

ReCAPTCHA is asking about stairs now. Not sure if daleks or The Terrible Secret of Space.

oh and this movie must be amazing, it won a bunch of awards at the silicon valley film festival which is totally a thing that exists and has the little laurel leaf thing and everything, and a brilliantly illegible website full of self-aggrandizing bullshit

Not to mention apparently walking 4 miles despite my pain is “taking it easy”

Apple really needs to work on their “motivational” messaging. Yesterday I was in agony and I still tried my hardest, I don’t need my watch telling me I “took it easy.”

Rainier Brewing is filming a commercial outside of my workplace.

The commercial seems to involve someone getting abducted into a van. Or something.

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