I mean it’s almost certainly smoke and my air filters just can’t keep up with it

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Jeeze, I haven’t even tried these dresses on yet and they’re already covered in cat fur.

It’s done. Video forthcoming. The sound quality is about what I expected for a tiny β€œfunctional model” punched out of laser cut plywood though.

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A few months ago I bought a hurdy gurdy model kit in anticipation of quarantine boredom and tonight I finally got around to starting it. It’s coming together pretty quickly.

(Ignore the red marks on the soundboard, I had a slight mishap.)

feeling incredibly called out/hyper-specifically marketed to by this image on the Apple iPad information page

I bought a new pasta sheeter and its manual seems to have been somewhat mangled in the translation. (Fortunately I already know how to make pasta from scratch, why else would I be upgrading my pasta sheeter?)

Well, I WAS going to get rid of the packing material for my 3D printer at some point...

If I can go at my own pace then why are you implying the amount of time is limited?

Guess where in the performance graph I deployed the new version of Publ.

I’m having a hard time believing this isn’t indicative of an outage or an overeager caching problem.

The weird thing is that the noise floor is cache hits (the spikes are misses on slow pages) and I don’t see how my change would make cached pages THAT MUCH faster.

If I can go at my own pace then why are you giving me time pressure?

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