I’m feeling sleepy and I think I’ll take a nap on the cou....oh yeah

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I want to watch the snow but I also want to work in my studio. Technology to the rescue!

(iPhone 6S recording a time lapse while sharing its screen to my old Apple TV which is also being intercepted by my Mirabox HDMI capture device.)

someday I need to finish a good things comic from the other day

here is a preview for all my wonderful lovelies


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Oh no Team Rocket has invaded the Starbucks, we’d better save it—

Oh, they OWN it? Never mind.

This has been approximately the worst day of her life.

(Actually she’s handling it way better than the last few times when we’ve come for regular checkups.)

Anyway she’s managing to stay fairly calm despite the stress of being in a chaotic waiting room with a bunch of dogs and cats and chatter

A brief photo essay in four parts

This was in Westlake Park, where there's those big "sculptures" they hire cops to not let people sit or lie on; those tents are shelters from the weather, which were closed off to all of the homeless people (not shown) trying to stay warm in the park.

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