Finally made it to Snoqualmie Falls.

Every now and then I find something in my mp3 library which makes me wonder how I ended up with it...

and every now and then I find something where I don't care, I just want it gone.

I’m trying out Toot! by @tootapp and wow, this UI is fun and playful but also doesn’t get in the way. Also I dig what the default icon ends up rendering as. Accidental eyes and boop nose!

So instead of going to bed at a reasonable time I implemented a new Publ feature.

You know how hard it is to set up shape outlines in HTML/CSS3?

well, soon, in Publ you can just do:


I wonder how my site performed during that initial spike of activity from HN. No comments were complaining about the site being "hugged to death" though, and it looks like Flask's caching is doing its job, so, yay.

I wonder if it's worth switching to memcached instead of the in-process SimpleCache. Probably not.

Also I really have got to figure out how to set up analog or something so I can get better stats than just grepping through my access_log files.

So amazing that this 150-ounce bottle of detergent has 50% more ounces than a 100-ounce bottle

Wow, what an amazingly well-thought-out ordering of these survey responses which isn’t confusing at all.

Missing answer: "NO, that is terrible for security!"

or any form of "no" really

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Talk about a core gameplay loop!

Be a deer, come play some games at! We’re now open at the Motif at 5th and Pike.

AT&T store totally dragging Verizon

When I'm preparing for a con I always make a show-specific pack reminder list, and so this just, you know, happened.

Seattle friends: won’t you be a deer and see me at SIX this weekend?

YouTube: optimized the experience to suck you into an endless stream of clickbait and vapid shit

Also YouTube: adds UI to shame you about how much you’re using it

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