I bought a new pasta sheeter and its manual seems to have been somewhat mangled in the translation. (Fortunately I already know how to make pasta from scratch, why else would I be upgrading my pasta sheeter?)

Well, I WAS going to get rid of the packing material for my 3D printer at some point...

If I can go at my own pace then why are you implying the amount of time is limited?

Guess where in the performance graph I deployed the new version of Publ.

Iโ€™m having a hard time believing this isnโ€™t indicative of an outage or an overeager caching problem.

The weird thing is that the noise floor is cache hits (the spikes are misses on slow pages) and I donโ€™t see how my change would make cached pages THAT MUCH faster.

Fiona is such a squishy chonk

Can you believe that just over 7 years ago I adopted a scrawny, scraggly stray? And now sheโ€™s a big ol cuddly beanbag

I was wondering when grocery stores were going to start doing this obvious thing. Of course nobodyโ€™s actually obeying the signs so

selfie EC ๐Ÿ˜ท 

Ready to go grocery shopping in this, the year 2020

The print survived but it didnโ€™t come out how i was hoping. But at least my painter tape hack worked.

Maybe itโ€™ll look better after heat polishing. I suspect I just need an even longer orange->clear transition though.

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I suspect this print wonโ€™t survive the night which would be a shame as I really hope this design works and Iโ€™m almost out of orange filament. After this print Iโ€™ll have about 18 meters left and then I will have to wait for Hatchbox to start their manufacturing back up.

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My tamper collection is growing. Eventually Iโ€™ll get a tamper that I really like and Iโ€™ll have to start designing something else.

Anyway I wonder how much demand there would be for custom-printed Flair tampers. These are comfy to use and very fun to build.

My office is pretty dark since thereโ€™s no windows. Lately Iโ€™ve been shining a work lamp against the wall to get more indirect warm light in my office room and it feels like it helps. I definitely notice a difference when I turn it off, anyway.

Still no substitute for going outside but every little bit helps.

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