Update: I ended up just drawing it myself after all. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest, though!

Here is the rough/inept sketch of what I want. (red text is notes to the artist, not something I want visible in the end product)

incidentally I seem to have forgotten how to draw, which is okay because Photoshop seems to have forgotten how to work well

I never got around to actually trying ReachNow (I just signed up for it when signups were still free) so I have no idea how good the service was.

Also their blog is 504 Gateway Timeouting, so here's a screencap of the email:

do not open if your initials are DT and you turn 40 this week 

Hardcore Pokémon Go players: I have a detailed system for naming my Pokémon based on their attributes and IVs so I know who to train and level with what


Reminder that this is how you get a prion disease.

*Compost* the rich.

There’s a lot to like about this hotel. (I’ve stayed here before incidentally. It’s my go-to for a cheap room in a convenient part of town.)

“How can we prevent hotels from gouging customers with undisclosed prices?”

California: Let’s make them all post their room rates!

California hotels: can it just be a maximum price that we can then offer discounts on top of?

California: sounds good!

California hotels:

Well, Amazon Rekognition is 98% confident I'm female, so I must be doing SOMETHING right.

Interesting... I just noticed that in Pokémon Go if you’ve named an eevee with one of the Easter egg names it actually shows you the silhouette of the target Eeveelution.

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