Was prompted by @hyratel to finally learn how to map control surface knobs to plugin controls in Logic, so here's my impression of a modular synthesizer

ok i guess nobody's listening on soundcloud, that's fair

Looks like Target shoppers took the term “door busters” literally this Black Friday

This seems to be the sort of business name that can really... well,

The intent might be to give it away but all I’m seeing is neighborhood cookout

Apple Photos sure chose an interesting hero image for a "four-legged friends" auto-album.

It’s nice to know this coffee grinder is not a violent colonizer.

So based on some audiophile reviews I decided to give these Chinese-made in-ear monitors a shot, and I'm really hoping that their audio engineering is better than their English language skills.

On the other hand this is at least charming.

Dang there’s some pretty great sponsor swag out this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some or have someone get some of it for me.

I ran home and made a very professional sign because I am a very professional artist

So much for my dream of harvesting my own habaneros. Guess I’ll have to just keep buying them for like 50 cents at the grocery store next door.

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