Remember, as ridiculous as is being, remember that terminating your patronage is going to hurt the creators you care about WAY more than it hurts Patreon. Please, please wait a little bit for the dust to settle and for creators to decide where they'd rather be supported! It breaks my heart to see so many people losing so many of their patrons over this. They were already struggling, and aside from the few folks who are already set up with alternate tipjars their income is going to approach $0 at the most expensive time of the year.

Also it's quite possible for to come to their senses on this and come up with a better solution. And they're not the ones hurt by this sudden mass exodus, anyway.

@fluffy I have been making sure to do the responsible thing for supporting folks and seeing if I can get them on liberapay or alternatively find other ways to support them

Most folks have paypal too so that's usually a good way to keep supporting them while something else that doesn't wring patrons and creators out comes along (fingers crossed for Drip)

@vahnj @fluffy Not that I want to hamstring anybody, but Paypal puts monty into Peter Thiel's pocket, and I can't think of a bigger quisling in the modern era.

@literorrery @fluffy there's that of course and he's a giant heck

But on the flip side it's much less costly at this point and I don't know any other alternatives that most people will have v_v

@vahnj @fluffy That's fair, and I don't want to create a situation in which people who need help can't get help. I just want to call attention to the ways in which our systems of support are hurting us so we can look for better alternatives. No ethical consumption, poison or starvation, et cetera, but... at least we can try, maybe.

@fluffy @vahnj Immediate safety over long-term safety, please. Always. Just, let's try to not forget about our long-term goals as we work towards our short-term survival.

@fluffy I actually upped my contribution to Jim Sterling to mitigate that a bit, but I definitely understand why angry patrons might refuse to participate. It's disgusting that Patreon's couched such a naked money grab as "helping creators".

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